3D Printed Monster High Shoes

It has been a “Holy Grail” for me to have custom Monster High (or Ever After High) shoes. We’ve 3D Printed several things, but shoes have been a hard thing because our printers could not do fine details very well. Fast forward to two weeks ago when my husband told me he invested in an Anycubic Photon Resin Printer. it’s an LCD printer that uses projection to harden UV resin. I’m not going to get any more technical, so please don’t stop reading now! The point is that this printer will allow us to get CRAZY detailed prints. Look how cool this dragon looks!

Anyways, you aren’t here for Dragons. We’ve been working on this for some time and I can finally show you a product I am proud of! These are my 3D Printed Steampunk Monster High (or Ever After High) Shoes!

Steampunk Monster High Shoes

Steampunk Monster High Shoes

Steampunk Monster High Shoes

Steampunk Monster High Shoes

Steampunk Monster High Shoes

This is just the first in a long line of custom shoes we are going to make. If people are interested in them, I can post them in my Etsy store. Please let me know what you think! I’ll share more with you once I make more :)

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Hairdorables Dolls from Just Play

Greetings everyone! I know it has been forever, but I wanted to share with you the new Hairdorables dolls from Just Play! I purchased my dolls from Walmart. There was a large endcap with the dolls. I calculate that the endcap holds 80 dolls…. No; I haven’t bought them all.

Hairdorables are tiny dolls (the same height as a Shoppie) that come in blind boxes. I have photos over on Instagram if you want to see the boxes, and several more famous YouTubers have already unboxed a few that Just Play sent out. I did not take any pictures of me unboxing a doll, but I did try to do an Instagram Live when I opened my first one. Shout out to the, like three, people that watched that! There are no markings that I can find on the boxes that let you know what you are going to get. Each box is stamped, but that stamp is identical to all of the dolls in the display.

I purchased 4 dolls last night when a friend told me that they were there. Out of those four dolls, I got 3 unique dolls and 1 “double”. If you aren’t familiar, a “double” is when you got a doll that you’ve already opened. I’ll refer to it as a double even when its a triple… or a fourth…. etc. Last night I opened Rayne Bow, Cuite Kali, Noah Knows, and another Rayne Bow. I was happy, even with the double, because Rayne Bow is adorable.

First up is Rayne Bow. She is an adorable little girl with purple hair and red/yellow/blue streaks.

The face paint on these dolls is nice. I haven’t noticed any major problems. Rayne has blue eyes that are looking to the side. I love when dolls do that (and do it well). She has a big open-mouth smile and pink lips.

Her hair is in two buns on the top and comes down the back. The doll is packaged with the purple strands in bands on the bottom.

Rayne wears a cute rainbow print dress. She also comes with a lollipop that she holds nicely. She wears roller skates that are a nice mint color.

Rayne comes with a hair clip that looks like a rainbow with blue hair coming down. It would look so nice in her hair if I could get the curls to cooperate.

If you’ve ever read a review from me before you know that there are two things I want in a doll: articulation and great hair. These dolls are TINY. They have tiny little legs and arms, but they are still articulated! WHAT! She has movement at the head (she can just shake her head no), at the shoulders, and a full range of motion at the hip. Secondly would be hair. These dolls are sold by their hair…. their names ARE Hairdorables…. and the hair is just that, adorable! It is so soft and nice to touch. I haven’t messed with Rayne’s hair too much, but I did take the bands out of my double’s hair. The hair is nice and soft. I am so happy about that! They totally got the hair right!

If you’ve watched some of the YouTube videos, you’ll notice something missing….. a stand. Those YouTubers got dolls that were not from the production line. The actual dolls do not come with stands. Or at least, the ones sold at Walmart do not.

My second doll was another Rayne Bow. I also got a Noah Knows. I was so excited to get a Noah! She’s main character for the line, but this isn’t considered her “signature” look.
Noah has a couple of annoying things. Her flip flops are going to get lost. They will not stay on this doll and I’ve already almost lost them once. Her hat also won’t stay on her head. It isn’t quite big enough and keeps flying off.

Then I opened a Cutie Kali.

I liked Cutie Kali way more last night than I do today. You see, I went back to Walmart (you aren’t surprised are you?) and picked up some more…. way too many…. I bought 8 more this morning. I got them home and started opening them…. and it was so disappointing. Of those 8 boxes THREE OF THEM WERE CUTIE KALI. WHAT?! Now I have 4 Cutie Kali dolls. FOUR! She isn’t THAT cute! Also in that set I got 1 more Rayne Bow (making my total THREE of her) and 1 more Noah Knows (making a total of TWO of her). Seriously?! These things are $12.88 a pop! So I just spend almost $65 on NOTHING. I fully understand that there is a chance when you are buying blind boxes/bags that you will get doubles, but for a line that has 36 characters and a display of 80 dolls….. that means that if each doll could be represented two times with a few in there three. THAT ISN’T THE CASE! I have 4 Cutie Kali and my friend also got one from the same display. That makes 5 Cutie Kali dolls. I have 3 Rayne Bow dolls and my friend picked up one as well. I have 2 Noah Knows dolls and my friend also picked up one of those. Between those three dolls, I know there were 5+4+3=12 of the 80 dolls are of three different dolls. That is incredibly frustrating. I understand taking chances, but the fact that the doubles are so concentrated on these three dolls is frustrating.

The other three dolls I got this morning were two DIFFERENT Willow dolls and a Harmony doll.
I got Willow Waves:
This Willow is adorable! Want to know what else? My friend got DOUBLES of this Willow. That makes 3 of this Willow in the set.

I also got Whimsical Willow; which as of now we have not found a double of. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!
I think this is my favorite doll so far. She is so cute!!

I also got Harmony Highlights in this group:
Harmony is a little different than the other dolls because her hair texture is so fine. It is still really high quality, don’t get me wrong, but her hair clip has no hope of ever staying in. It’s really cute and I’ve tried a couple of times…. but it is not going to stay.

So being super disappointed in all of those doubles, Mr. delSol takes me back to Walmart…. where he buys me four more boxes. How many do you think were doubles? Just guess….

Three. Three out of the four boxes were doubles. Two were Noah Knows and one was another Rayne Bow. So now I have FOUR Noah Knows and FOUR Rayne Bows…. add that to the FOUR Cutie Kali I already have and the one of each my friend got and that is FIVE OF EACH DOLL. 25 of these boxes were of three dolls. We are seriously going to end up with 36 dolls and all of them are going to be repeats…. It was so sad! And the frustrating thing is that once you rip open that pull tab on the front, there is nothing you can do…. it’s yours now! UGH!

Anyways…. the ONE new doll from that expedition was a Kat Walk, which is kind of a double because my friend pulled one of those yesterday.

I’ve purchased 16 dolls. I only have 7 unique dolls. That is less than 50%. Then you add on that what my friend purchased and here are the statistics so far:
We opened 27 dolls:
5 Cutie Kali
5 Noah Knows
5 Rayne Bows
3 Willow Waves
2 Kali Coder
2 Kat Walk
1 Brilliant Brit
1 Harmony Highlights
1 Kat N’ Dogs
1 Sk8t Noah
1 Whimsical Willow

Out of 27 dolls, there are 11 unique dolls. That’s about 41%…..

Now, I know that NORMAL people (parents) would probably only buy their kid one, maybe two, of these at a time. So this might not impact sales at all. But crazy collectors like me…. I might be a little less likely to go back and buy more now. Overall, the hair quality is amazing, the dolls are cute, the gimmick isn’t bad. I just don’t want to own so many of the same doll!

If you are interested in any of my doubles… I’ve put them on eBay.
Cutie Kali
Rayne Bow
Noah Knows

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Another rehair project on Youtube!

Greetings everyone!! I’ve got another Youtube timelapse video of a rehair project I just completed! This time it is a Vandala Doubloons doll that my mother rescued from a thrift store along with several other WELL LOVED Monster High dolls. Please take a moment to watch my video. I’ve got several more planned, so if you like it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks!

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Toy Fair 2018 – Celestial Buddies Update

In 2016 we brought you information about Celestial Buddies and this year we bring you even more. The Celestial Buddies have released their press kit for Toy Fair 2018 and there is some new plushies for 2018.

From their press release: “Celestial Buddies, the only manufacturer of educational plush toys that depict celestial bodies in our solar system and beyond, will return to Toy Fair this year with all fourteen of its family of Plush Planetary Pals. Leading the way will be the newest Buddy, Polaris, the North Star, which is actually a “trinary,” or three-star, system. Also new to Toy Fair this year is Black Hole, a stuff sack that is capable of holding all of the other thirteen Buddies.”

Celestial Buddies  2018 (1)

“Polaris, the first of the Buddies to be illuminated from within, represents a big step forward for our company. It twinkles like its namesake, thanks to safety-tested, battery-operated LED lights inside its body, controlled by squeezing the on-off button inside Polaris’ left foot (it will also shut off automatically after 20 minutes.) And our Polaris Ab and B, one looking rather sleepy, the other looking like it just woke up, can cling to the supergiant’s hands, thanks to internal magnets.”

Polaris and Lily - Copy

I’m a huge space/science nerd, so it’s actually a shocking surprise that I don’t already own any of these. I really need to get on that. I didn’t know that they released an Eclipse package last year with 2 pairs of viewing glasses, Earth Plush Celestial Buddy, Moon Plush Celestial Buddy, Sun Plush Celestial Buddy, and “Get Eclipsed: The Complete Guide to the American Eclipse,” by Pat and Fred Espenak. How cool?

Anyways, I might end up picking up some of these as they are super adorable, and with the Black Hole able to carry the others, I would have a way to store them… Yeah, I’ll probably be adding these to my universe.

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New Youtube Video!

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing around with the idea of Youtube videos, like I have mentioned a few times. This is my first attempt at a time lapse video for a reroot I recently completed. I took a Dead Tired Frankie Stein doll and rerooted her using Sakura Nylon hair from dollyhair.com. You can see my process here. If you want, you can subscribe to the channel to see more in the future. This is just a starting point. I promise they will get better :)

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