New Ever After High and Monster High doll assortments for summer

Here is confirmation of a Holly/Poppy 2-pack. The next item looks to be a Keepsakes Box? Then the Hat-tastic dolls, Maddie, Briar, Cerise, Cedar, and Apple. Then Thronecoming with Apple, Blondie, Raven, and Cupid, with Briar and the accessory. Are you excited?!

Note: that doesn’t include the new signatures like Lizzie and Dexter, as they are just revisions of cases we’ve already seen, so this shot doesn’t include them

And then the MH dolls, which I’m less excited about. We’ve seen most of these at Toy Fair.

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Monster High Freaky Fusion DVD Cover ~ Release Date 6 October 2014

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Review: thedaughterwhosews on etsy

Before I begin this mini-review, let me say that I was in no way compensated for this review. I purchased these stockings myself for my own personal use.

I purchased 6 sets of stockings from this shop on etsy, thedaughterwhosews, and they are amazing! Her prices are very reasonable (~4.70 per pair) and her shipping time was amazing. I ordered them on Tuesday, and she had them packaged and shipped on Wednesday; USPS got them here today (Saturday). Not bad :)

Click below to see images of what I ordered and my impressions:
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Cerise Hood ~ Version Differences

Cerise - differences

On the left is the first release Cerise Hood doll that I purchased in December 2013. On the right is the second release Cerise that I purchased yesterday.

I wanted to point out the differences between the two. The first (most noticeable) difference is her eyes. The new doll has eyes that are printed further apart (or it at least appears that way).

The second difference is the lips. The older Cerise has gold dots on her lips; the newer one has silver dots.

And the least interesting change is the stand. The older Cerise has a black stand clip and the new one has a clear stand clip.

I LOVE the new facial screening. I’m happy to have them both. Cerise is such a great character and a beautiful doll
Cerise in Bloom

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The Unfairest of Them All

I am the biggest fan of Ever After High. The second book in the Ever After High series by Shannon Hale came out today. I set an alarm and went out at 8 AM this morning (and on my Spring Break, too!) to get the book. I don’t want to publish spoilers, but I will let you know, there are some questions the second book answers:

  • How can a character who is supposed to die live on to have children? (PG 119)
  • Are Sleeping Beauty and the Beauty from Beauty and the Beast related? (PG 93)
  • Are Cerise Hood and Sparrow Hood related? (PG 75)
  • Who does everyone think Cerise’s father really is? (PG 74)
  • What magical powers does Lizzie Hearts have? (PG 268-269)
  • Who is the most powerful sorceress in all of Ever After? (PG 161)
  • What is Fairy Ball? (PG 230)

You’ve got to read The Unfairest of Them All! It’s a really great book with lots of interaction between Apple and Raven and all of the other characters we’ve grown to love!

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