Thronecoming Dolls from Time to Play Mag

The Time to Play Mag instagram account has uploaded two new photos of the Thronecoming Blondie Lockes and C.A. Cupid dolls. I am all about that Blondie doll! GIMME! Right now! Team Blondie!

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Anyways, here are the photos:

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Ever After High ~ Dexter Charming

The Ever After High official Facebook page did a reveal of Dexter Charming today. What do you think of his doll?

He may not be as charming as his older brother, but he sure has wicked cool style!”

The crystal blue eyes behind these glasses can only belong to one royally handsome prince! Today’s forever after reveal is sure to be epic.”

With his bombspell looks and personality, it’s no wonder that Dexter Charming is caught between two hearts.



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New Monster High Dolls ~ Sweet Screams, Casta, Wydowna, and more!

Check out these images that appeared on tumblr this morning! Thanks to Armagedon Toys for sharing these!

This image has the two Sweet Screams dolls we’ve already seen on shelves as well as the second wave! Ghoulia and Abbey make an appearance for this wave! I’m so excited to finally have a Ghoulia in the line-up! But… is her hair purple?

Here is the Monster High Casta doll that we’ve seen imaged floating around. This is also the first images we’ve seen of the I <3 Fashion Wydowna doll. I am loving her outfits! This will be another amazing add to our collections! Do you see that Rochelle and Catrine doll peaking their eyes up at you? I wonder what those are? See Edit #2 below!

Edit to Add: Here is a slightly clearer shot of the next wave of the New Scaremester dolls:

And here is a more clear photo of the Dracu-locker with doll:
I’m kind of loving Draculaura in those pants! Wonder what all will come with the locker and what is just for show with the photo? The writing says “Includes Draculaura, her pet “Muricielago” (which means bat in Spanish) and accessories.”

Edit #2: This just in! That Rochelle and Catrine are from a Monsterous Pajama line!

What do you think? Are you adding any of these new dolls to your collections?

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New Monster High 5 Pack “We are Monster High”

This was posted on a group in Facebook. (I don’t like sourcing people’s real names). Check it out!


This pack includes Slo Mo in pants, Lagoona, Cleo, Scarah, and a new character, Treasurer Golda. This five pack brings together different monsters for the creepy student council.

What do you think? Another Slo Mo. A new character. More Scarah. Count me in!

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Thronecoming Dolls in Box photos from Time to Play Mag!

I’m having little girl fits over here! Time to Play Mag has posted in-box photos of the Ever After High Thronecoming dolls on their instagram! Look how beautiful they are!! So far it is only Apple and Raven, but I’m in love!

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