Freaky Fusion Hybrids dolls

Our friends over at Toot’s Toys sent us these images of the new Freaky Fusion characters in their boxes. I’ve chose to wait on these (I need something to hunt for this summer, right?) But I wanted to bring these photos straight to you, so:  Continue reading

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Ever After High Lizzie Hearts doll first images

The Ever After High website allows you to create a personalized dorm room, and a recent addition to this feature are stock images of the dolls. They released these images of all of the current dolls AND LIZZIE!

What do you think? Isn’t she adorable?! I can’t wait to see more photos of her! Remember, this is the promotional/prototype photo. She will change between now and her release, all of the dolls have.

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Madeline Hatter Hat-tastic Tea Party playset stock photos

OMG! How adorable are these? I have no idea what the original source for these are, but I found them on ‘s tumblr. Check them out: Continue reading

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Zombie Shake Venus and Rochelle

I haven’t purchased a MH doll at retail since I found Slo Mo in March, and before that was December! I was beginning to wonder if MH had run its course with me, but after today, I’m not worried anymore.

My Toys R Us put out the Zombie Shake dolls a little early, like most stores. There isn’t anything on the box or case that marks these dolls as having a special release date, but the TRU computers will kick your purchase out. I had to get a manager to allow me to purchase them. They had already sold two sets the night before, and that’s what forced them to sell mine to me.

Anyways, who wants pictures? Continue reading

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Quin’s New Dress

All of the new Quin postings and the new Kickstarter made me pick my doll back up. I’ve never really loved the Barbie outfits I had her in, so I decided to try making an outfit for her. After multiple failed attempts (her body is proportioned very differently than I’m used to sewing for) I finally came up with this dress that I love. Quin's New Dress

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