Quin’s New Head and Eyes

We want to thank our friends at 3DKitBash.com for their amazing doll, Quin. You may have heard me mention her, a few times.

The Kickstarter was a success! Our friends at 3DK have given us at rayedelsol.com a chance to review the new Quin head FIRST and bring you our thoughts. Thank you so much, 3DK for this opportunity!

Quin's New Head and Eyes

Quin’s new head prints in two different pieces. This allows you to insert 12mm doll eyes into her head, similar to a BJD.
Quin's New Head and Eyes
The seam isn’t very noticeable, and I think with a proper wig, you wouldn’t even see it.

Quin's New Head and Eyes
That weird film you see on her eyes is left-over glue. The head that 3DK sent me also comes with printable eyes. We had printed these eyes and glued them in, but I just wasn’t happy with the result. The eyes print in two pieces, a part for the whites and another for the irises. These two don’t perfectly fit (the irises are too small) and caused for some slipping. I just didn’t like the look they gave her.

Edit: I’m going to add some photos of the 3D printed eyes. These have glue on them, so please don’t hold that against them. Also, I had lost my natural lighting when I snapped these photos, so her coloring may look a little off.
3D Printed Eyes
3D Printed Eyes - Closer

Quin's New Head and Eyes
These are 12mm doll/cat eyes that I purchased for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby. There is a tiny gap on the side of her eyes, but the eyes stay firmly in place with no glue needed. I didn’t even have to take the screw off the back of the eyes! 3DK left a place in her head for them to sit.

I think this new eye mechanism (and her new wrists, thanks to Mr. del Sol) give her SO much more character!

Quin's New Head and Eyes

Quin's New Head and Eyes

Quin's New Head and Eyes

Quin's New Head and Eyes

What do you think? Are you excited for your Quin upgrades? Natalie (from 3DKitBash) sent out an update today saying
“We wanted to let you all know that we’re running behind. We really appreciate your support, and we’re working hard to get caught up. We’re sorry for the delay. We just need a bit more time!
Over the next few days we’ll post pictures online so you can see our progress!
We promise to deliver fun, cool 3D mods and accessories for Quin. We’ll keep you posted. ~Natalie”

I can assure you, 3DK is very busy getting Quin’s modifications perfect! I can’t wait to see what all comes from this Kickstarter project!

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Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey

A Spanish-speaking Facebook page leaked Target has posted these photos of Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey. Check them out:  Continue reading

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Raye Sews!

I just wanted to share some photos of my latest sewing creations. I’m not the best, but I love to make these tiny tight dresses. I’ve been thinking about putting them on my Etsy store. Would you be interested in purchasing them?? See the dresses: Continue reading

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Fall Doll News ~ Monster High

I’ve been gone to trainings for my “real” job, so I haven’t had a chance to update the site with the latest Monster High doll news.

New doll for the Fall 2014 line have started appearing in Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and Justice Stores. Almost all of the Freaky Fusion dolls have been spotted in these stores. The FF line includes Dracubecca (my personal favorite), Cleolei (a close #2), Clawvenus, Lagoonafire, and Neighthan Rot. Target stores are getting in shipments of the Ghoul Sports dolls, as well as the Zombie Shake dolls.

We’ve seen some dolls images popping up for new dolls and it is getting exciting! I’m not sure if these are Fall dolls or later?

The Save Frankie line is supposed to tie in with the Freaky Fusion movie; there are three dolls in this line. Jackson features stitches on his cheek, Draculaura has stitches on her heart birthmark, and Clawdeen has a lightning bolt on her eye.

This line just popped up today. It looks to be another wave of Swim Class, this time with Jinafire, Clawdeen, and SPECTRA! (FINALLY a swim Spectra!)

venivididolli:</p><br />
<p>miwadake:</p><br />
<p>the-wolfbats:</p><br />
<p>parrotbeak:</p><br />
<p>caprichomonster:</p><br />
<p>Swim Class Wave 3&#160;??</p><br />
<p>Holy shit, let this be real?is this real? I see things that point to it being real! Hot damn, these dolls are goregeous!</p><br />
<p>That’s a badass potential Spectra. I’m also happy to see that dolls for Jinafire and Skeletia are not falling by the wayside.</p><br />
<p>OH FUCK</p><br />
<p>Clawdeen and Spectra aren’t that spectacular, because they’re nothing we haven’t pretty much seen already, but I NEED that Jinafire. </p><br />

Another fairly new discovery is this 4-pack that include the entire Wolf family. I love this Clawdia, but I’m not sure about the rest of them….
<p>Pic found on FB, credited to Monster High Nuket  - will translate in a sec<br />

Images of the Inner Monster CAM dolls are also popping up, making some people very excited.

Here is the Monster High Inner Monster Mood Accessory Set:
<p>Monster High Inner Monster Mood Accessory Set<br />

The next line is the I <3 Accessories line that features Operetta and Skelita. I love the Luchador look that Skelia is sporting!
The new Coffin Bean dolls should be popping up soon, too. I can’t wait to get this Venus doll!
<p>sooo apparently these gorgeous dolls were spotted at toys r us! :o definitely getting venus

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Hat-tastic Cedar Wood

I ordered Hat-tastic Cedar Wood when she became available on mattelshop.com on Wednesday. She arrived today! Check out her awesomeness!
Hat-tastic Cedar Wood
Continue reading

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