Thronecoming Briar Beauty Playset

I had full intentions of photographing each little piece of this playset for you to see. That didn’t happen. I started out with this goal in mind, but ended up having way too much fun just playing with the pieces and the Briar doll. I can totally see where little girls are going to LOVE this! I can only imagine what it would have been like to have this when I was a little girl. All of the accessories and the doll pack up into a book that you can take with you everywhere. Going to Grandma’s? Grab the book! Long car ride? Grab the book! Just need a day in your room? Grab the book!

Here are some photos that did survive, and I hope you can see how much fun I had! Continue reading

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Thronecoming Briar Beauty Doll

Amazon put the Thronecoming Briar Beauty doll and playset up for sale yesterday for $50. My husband recently purchased Amazon Prime for our household, so she was in my hands this afternoon! I will review the doll separately from the playset. (I’ve still got to figure out the best way to photograph this massive playset!)
Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Continue reading

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Quin Kickstarter Update

The Quin Kickstarter is SO close to making it! The funding is over 75% and there is less than $1,000 left to go! Please go check out the Kickstarter in order to pledge! There was an update posted earlier today:

We’ve added another reward level – this is the only level that includes a printed collector Quin doll with all the printed mods and accessories in QUIN: TO INFINITY! included. At this level, you’ll also get all the digital files to print out QUIN: TO INFINITY! yourself.

Only 5 available at $200. Get yours now!

At this level, the printed doll you will receive will be a display-quality art piece. We will clean and finish her so her joints are tight and she looks optimal for display. She’ll be printed using teal and aqua filament, and she’ll even have manufactured doll eyes!

For $200 you’ll receive TANGIBLE and DIGITAL versions of everything in QUIN: TO INFINITY!

Quin G1 Base Body
New Head Style
Printable Eyes
Ported Body Parts
Utility Pins
3 New Faces
3 New Hand Sets
Holster & Gear
Quin Display Stand
New Hip Style
New Lower Leg Style
Rocket Pack
Space Helmet
We’re almost there! Thanks for backing QUIN: TO INFINITY! You’re keeping 3DK developing quality models for 3D printers! ~Natalie

The link is

Go and pledge! Even if you can’t get the $200 level, giving $1 or $5 helps the cause!

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Guest Review ~ Dexter Charming ~ Thanks Dane!

A good friend of mine recently purchased a Dexter Charming doll and has been kind enough to do a guest review for us! Please welcome my friend, Dane!

Dane here, doing a guest review on Prince Dexterous Charming, better known as Dexter. Continue reading

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This SDCC Reveal Has Us Seeing Red:Ever After High™ Cerise Wolf™

Posted on on June 4th, 2014
By Tara Z.

We ran over the river and through the woods to bring you another San Diego Comic-Con reveal that we hope is just right…

Ever After High™ Cerise Wolf™

Ever After High Cerise WolfAccording to the fairytale, Red Riding Hood is a wide-eyed, carefree girl. Yet there’s something different about her daughter, Cerise. Ever the mysterious lone wolf, Cerise wondered, “What if I didn’t have to follow in my mother’s footsteps? What if I could let the world know my family secret? What if….

Here’s how to get this figure for your own collection! Voucher Sale 6/23

Before SDCC, pre-order at and pick upONLY at SDCC:

  • 6/23 at 8 a.m. PT Early Access (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
  • 6/24 at 9 a.m. PT All Access (open to everyone if not sold out in Early Access)

San Diego Comic-Con 7/23

  • During SDCC, purchase at the Mattel booth at SDCC 7/23-7/27 SDCC After-Party 8/4

After SDCC, order through for shipment domestically and internationally at our SDCC After Party sale:

  • 8/4 at 8 a.m. PT Early Access (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
  • 8/5 at 9 a.m. PT All Access (open to everyone if not sold out in Early Access).
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