Pullip Super Stella

Have you ever wavered on a doll? Let me introduce you to Luna;

Luna was a Pullip collaboration between Groove and Tokidoki. Luna was an early 2013 (or maybe late 2012) release. And I wavered. Did I really want to start collecting Pullips? I had just added the red-headed Batgirl and Pere Noel Pullips to my collection. Did I really want to dive into this thing? So I passed. UGH! SUCH. AN. IDIOT! Luna is just incredible! Look at that hair! And those eyes! By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. Luna was sold out.

I wasn’t about to let that happen again! Tokidoki has done some other collaborative work with Groove, but nothing that even tickled me into being interested. Until now.

Pullip Super Stella

Meet Super Stella! This doll was a 2014 SDCC exclusive. She didn’t sell out at the convention, so sites like pullipstyle.com got some in stock. And I pounced! Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted a short Blondie doll. I was so disappointed when she came out that she wasn’t short, too. When Lizzie came out, I was so excited! Here is my chance!
Body Swap
My Lizzie is now “normal” sized and I have a Shortie Lockes!

After shouting OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! and making the swap, I had a great afternoon trying clothes on my new Lizzie Hearts! Click the thumbnails below to check out the photos!:

I made that black/white dress. I found the fabric in the remnant bin yesterday at JoAnn’s Fabrics. It was fate! The stockings are from thedaughterwhosews on etsy. I made the little black dress that she is wearing in the other photo (available here). The red skirt is from hauntcouture on etsy. My friend crocheted the little red bikini for me.

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Lizzie Hearts! She’s here!

I need a little cheerleader icon right now! I’m cheering away! Lizzie Hearts has come to play! And no, that’s not Riddlish!
Lizzie Hearts

Check out more photos an in-depth coverage: Continue reading

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Inner Monster Mood Packs

The Inner Monster dolls are everywhere! Toot’s Toys has them in-stock. Target and Toys R Us stores across the U.S. are getting the Inner Monster dolls in stock. Amazon keeps popping them up every now-and-then. I’ll be honest. I bought one doll from Amazon thinking I’d be okay with just that one. I purchased what I thought was the blue doll. I don’t know their names, so I ordered by picture. Well…. blue isn’t what I got. Mattel must have sent out the wrong stock photos attached to “Spooky Sweet ‘n Frightfully Fierce” and “Scared Silly ‘n Shockingly Shy.” I say that because Target’s website had the same issue. Amazon has fixed it (since I complained) but still. I ordered what I thought was Blue and ended up with Orange. So back to Amazon I go and order the other two dolls I was missing, because why not?!

Enter Toot’s Toys who recently got the Mood Packs in-stock. I figure “You’ve already ordered all three dolls, why not order all three mood packs?!” And they came in today! I’m super excited to share these details of the Mood Packs with you:  Continue reading

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Reroot ~ Gilda Goldstag

I am so super behind on my reviews! Sorry! Coming soon will be the three Inner Monsters AND MOOD PACKS! (thanks to Toot’s Toys)

For now, though, I wanted to share with you my latest reroot project. When I first got Gilda Goldstag, I loved her! I still do; however, that hairstyle is so limiting. She is a beautiful display doll, but she won’t be much more. I’m too scared of ruining that hairstyle. It’s a shame, too, because she is so photogenic!
Gilda Goldstag ~ International Monster of Mystery

I have a great friend who collects Lagoona and Cleo. She wanted the new 5-pack, but didn’t want to keep the other dolls. I “helped” her out by rehoming the Gilda doll from her pack. And quickly got to work!
WIP What's in your head - Gilda Goldstag edition. She is a Made in China doll,  and therefore has almost no glue in her head

Meet the new and improved Gilda Goldstag!
Gilda Goldstag ~ RerootGilda Goldstag ~ Reroot

Gilda has been rerooted in dollyhair.com nylon in blueberry muffin. Isn’t she precious?!
Gilda Goldstag ~ Reroot

Seriously, though, this may be my new favorite doll (don’t tell Kappi!). She is so photogenic! I adore her!

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