Ever After High Duchess Swan and Kitty Cheshire dolls

The new batch of Ever After High dolls will be released soon! Both Duchess Swan and Kitty Cheshire are scheduled to be shipping this week! Toot’s Toys will be getting their shipment in, which means: NEW DOLLS TO REVIEW!


Based on photos found on the Chinese website taobao.com, we can conclude that Duchess IS on a taller body style.

And Kitty IS on the shorter Wonderlandian style body.

You can be one of the first to receive a Kitty Cheshire or Duchess Swan doll by putting in your pre-order now. I’ll be posting reviews of both of these dolls once they come into the del Sol household! Good luck! Happy Hunting!

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Ever After High ~ Cerise Hood Spring Unsprung

Greetings everyone! I hope your holidays are going well and that you aren’t too overwhelmed by all of the dolly goodness that has been hitting our shelves. The new Ever After High line Spring Unsprung has hit Targets, Toys R Us, and Amazon stores near you! I ordered this Cerise Hood from Amazon because I couldn’t wait to get her! I’m hoping to get the other dolls for Christmas :)

Cerise Hood Spring Unsprung
Without further delay, let’s get to this review! Continue reading

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