My Little Pony ~ 2015 SDCC Exclusive? MLP Fair

Hasbro has been remarkably closed-lip about their My Little Pony SDCC Exclusive. They’ve announced the exclusives for their other lines, but nothing has yet been said officially about their SDCC MLP Exclusive. For several years, the My Little Pony Fair has had a fair exclusive, and for the past few years, it has been the exact same as the SDCC Exclusive. This year’s MLP Fair Exclusive is the Fashion Style (Size?) Pinkie Pie dressed in her Nightmare Night Chicken outfit. Fans are naming her Chicken Pie. The following photos come to us courtesy of Instagram user squiddiepie and rainborificrenia.






What do you think of this exclusive? Will you be picking up a Chicken Pie?

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Maddie 17-inch doll ~

The 17-inch Maddie that was leaked yesterday has made her way to the Mattelshop.

Ever After High®™ Madeline Hatter™ Large Scale Doll

Item #: DMW62
At 17 inches, this gorgeous doll offers fableous detail in an extra-large size.
Dressed in her iconic outfit, fans of Ever After High™ will love telling tall tales with this colorful teenage daughter of a fairytale legend.
Stands 17 inches tall!
Package size: 17“ Tall, 10“ Wide

I was so hoping that more dolls would be made on this scale, but right now, it is only Maddie that is listed. PLEASE MATTEL! DON’T STOP THERE! We need more of these larger dolls!

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New Leaks!



I cannot talk too much about everything that I know about these two. These images were leaked to social media early this morning. I can confirm by my sources that these are 100% legitimate Mattel images. Beyond that, I’m really not allowed to say anymore without breaking confidentiality.  So just enjoy the photos and know that we can talk more about it in a few weeks :)

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Fall 2015

New items are beginning to appear for the Fall 2015 lines. We’ve already seen several items from Mattel’s big lines; Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland, new signatures; Monster High: Freak du Chic, Boo York Boo York, etc. Now things are starting to pop up from other lines. There are a LOT of things coming for this fall, but I’d like to show you two lines that may interest you: the Disney Descendants and the MGA Bratz. Pictures and more: Continue reading

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Monster High Gooliope ~ Sneak Peak

I really wanted to get a full review out to you guys tonight about the new TALL Monster High Gooliope doll. The doll arrived a little late this afternoon, and we had a retirement dinner that we had to attend. I haven’t had a chance to take all of the photos that I want or do a full write-up, but I wanted to post what I have. I’ll make a second post later (and maybe delete this one) that is more my style. For now, enjoy these photos (and one tiny crappy video) of Gooliope! Continue reading

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