It’s been about 6 months….

Where have I been?! I haven’t posted anything here, to my flickr, or in many of the doll communities since the spring time. What’s going on? To be honest, life. I haven’t been adding as many dolls to my collection as normal. Since EAH and MH have decided to reboot their dolls I haven’t purchased as many. I purchased the Epic Winter Blondie that I reviewed on here. I also purchased the new characters Jillian Beanstalk and Meeshell Mermaid. For MH I purchased the new reboot pet Lagoona, Shriekwreck Lagoona, I <3 Fashion Whisp, umm…. the new basics Frankie, there’s some new Draculaura too….. yeah. I also purchased several new Azone dolls this summer. I just got some new MC2 dolls. Those are super cute!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I do still collect dolls, and I do still want to run this blog and post photos, but everything is just crazy right now. I’ve started running and working out again.

Is there anything you’re looking to see right now? Any reviews? I don’t even know where to go with the blog anymore….

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