3D Printing and Sewing

I’ve been having fun on Instagram chatting with people and making friends there. I got into an interesting conversation with @kuru.kurumi about 3D printed weapons. Check them out:

Have you seen our sword?
Every hero(ine) needs a good sword! We've got some in our etsy shop (just search rayedelsol and it should come up) #everafterhigh #dragongames #darlingcharming

Then we made a pirate sword:
Would anyone be interested in a pirate sword? I haven't put any for sale yet, because I'm not sure if anyone would be interested? #everafterhigh #monsterhigh

And @kuru.kurumi asked if we could make a bow.
@kuru.kurumi<br />
3D printed bow. I just had silver loaded in the machine, so that's what we made the prototype from. What do you all think? #everafterhigh

And we did! If you’re interested in any of these items, just let me know. The first sword (and shield) has been relisted on our Etsy store. We can list the pirate sword and/or the bow if anyone wants them.

Then, we got a request to make some Mickey Mouse ears for a Barbie doll, and after we did that, I wanted them to fit EAH. What do you think?
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

I’ve been stockpiling patterns from DGRequiem on Etsy. My absolute FAVORITE pattern is the bubble dress. I made a Mario-themed dress first:
Bubble dress that I made for Blondie Lockes. #everafterhigh #blondielockes #sewing

And then I found this adorable BB-8 fabric and thought it would be PERFECT in that bubble dress pattern:
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

I need to take another photo, though, because we made an orange bow for that headband so that it would match her outfit. It’s just soo cute! Now I need to go to Disney World.

You can stay up-to-date with me on Instagram. Just follow @rayedelsol

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2 thoughts on “3D Printing and Sewing”

  1. I’m definitely interested in the pirate sword (along with the regular sword and Alistair’s pendant. You always do such excellent work! And I’ve had to put the custom doll you made the headband for on hold for the time being, but when she’s done you will most certainly get pictures!

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