Aurora World, Inc ~ Toy Fair 2015

The people at the Aurora World booth were just amazing! If you aren’t familiar with Aurora, let me introduce you! Aurora’s own website states “Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.”


Aurora produced high quality plushies. This is the L. E. Phant line of plushies focusing on an elephant character. I was told that elephants are “in” now. These plushies are super adorable, though.

_DSC0082 _DSC0083

Aurora has a line called Taddles Toes. These plushies feature adorably large feet!_DSC0085

Look at this octopus and shark that are new for 2015!_DSC0086

Aurora makes adorable penguins as part of its holiday offerings! How cute are these! _DSC0087 _DSC0089

Aurora has an amazing product with its licensed My Little Pony plushies.

_DSC0090 _DSC0091 _DSC0093  _DSC0096_DSC0094_DSC0095

Aurora also has some mermaids that you may have seen, but I wanted to include their photo if for nothing more than this floating pirate girl:
_DSC0102 _DSC0100

This is the 100th anniversary of the Raggedy Ann dolls. Aurora is celebrating with great dolls that will only be available in 2015!
_DSC0099 _DSC0098 _DSC0097

YooHoo and Friends is a line about endangered animals and all of the cuteness they bring. Check out these guys!

_DSC0104 _DSC0105 _DSC0109 _DSC0110 _DSC0112 _DSC0115 _DSC0116

And last but certainly not least, Aurora is coming out with this ADORABLE line called Cutie Curls! How cute are these?!
d _DSC0118 _DSC0119 _DSC0074

They are so cute, I even took a selfie with one :)

I am so excited for the Cutie Curls line! These are adorable! I’m hoping my rep at Aurora comes through and we can do a review of one of these dolls for you guys when they come out!

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3 thoughts on “Aurora World, Inc ~ Toy Fair 2015”

  1. Ha! I know those mermaids from our touristy shops. I never knew they made them.

    Definitely need one or several Cutie Curls. I love the octopus, too. I put him on my ebay watch list.

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