Barbie’s Got a New Body!

Have you heard the news?! Barbie has a new body! Well, there are actually 3 new body styles now, with a 4th being called “Original”. Mattel has added Curvy, Petite, and Tall Barbie to the lineup.
This is such a big deal that Time Magazine has even done an article about it!

Want to see more??
Codenamed Project Dawn, these dolls have been 2-years in the making. It was very much an exercise in “what would you do to make Barbie relevant.” I was completely blindsided when I got the email from Mattel this morning!

Some of the changes include two new feet sizes. Tall and Curvy feature feet that are slightly larger. Dresses that fit Original or Petite aren’t going to fit Curvy or Tall. Mattel is setting up a hotline JUST FOR Project Dawn complaints. (No word on what that number is yet….)

So let’s have a look!

If you don’t know me, let me tell you, I’m a high school teacher. The minute news broke about this, my high school girls (aged 14-18) were all excited. I was showing them some images before class and this doll popped up:

One of my Hispanic girls almost broke down in tears. She said “that doll looks just like me!” and starting trying to figure out how to buy it (that one is labeled as “coming soon” and can’t even be purchased or pre-ordered yet). A high school student. That’s way outside of the target demographic (okay, and I’m not?) But still. This is going to have a huge impact. My other girls were begging me to buy some and show them off in the classroom. “Hey look, Mrs. (insert my last name) that Barbie looks just like you!” Now, I’m no small girl, tipping the scales at over 200 lbs. I never EVER thought someone would say “Hey! That Barbie looks just like YOU”
(It was this one, in case you’re curious:)

I’m SO excited for these dolls! I have already pre-ordered 3 of them. When more become available for purchase, I’m sure there will be more orders placed, too. I think the only problem with them is that I can’t add them all of my collection RIGHT NOW! :)

If you head to Mattel’s website you can pre-order yours too.

What do you think? Leave us a note in the comments. Do you like the changes? Will you be getting any?

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4 thoughts on “Barbie’s Got a New Body!”

  1. I’m excited too – I love the curvy Barbie. It’s great to see such a variety of types that reflect reality. These dolls will appeal to a wide variety of people, I should think.

  2. I’m gonna be buying these. I’ll buy some for the clothes (and try selling the nude dolls, because that’s what I do) and some (blue hair!!!) to keep. The curvy dolls have my heart right now and if I had money they’d be ordered!

    Petite and tall I need to see in person, I think. So here’s hoping for some excellent dolls and more of them!

  3. I thought a curvy Barbie was long overdue and was very excited when I heard the news yesterday! :D My favourites are the curvy dolls 22 and 26, although I find some of the tall and petite ones very intriguing also.

    These past years the only Mattel dolls I considered really fun were Ever After High, but with this new variety of body heights and sizes, I might even purchase a few Barbies again…

    It really is pretty exciting that for the first time ever they come in so many kinds of sizes, heights, skin tones and other racial features, crazy hairstyles and outfits, shoe sizes, etc.!!

    I love the group photographs featuring the dolls of this new line. I stared at one yesterday marvelling at all the differences… :D

  4. I don’t really like the overhaul. It really is a futile attempt by Mattel to try and drum up sales for their struggling flagship brand. Little girls are going to be frustrated when their doll clothes don’t fit the new Barbies and learn the hard way that skinny people in real life sadly get the best clothes. Go into any regular store and you will be hard pressed to find ladies 2x or 3x sizes. This could end up causing body image issues at a young age. I feel Mattel is really doing this to nickel and dime parents to death instead of having good intentions in mind. We shouldn’t teach kids to change so people like them and that is the message I feel Mattel is sending. Change so you can be accepted. I have already stopped purchasing a lot of things from Mattel. I am glad Hasbro got the Disney Princess license.

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