Bunny Blanc ~ Ever After High Doll Review

I am so happy that the new dolls have started to arrive! The newest addition to our collection is Bunny Blanc! This adorable little doll is just hopping to join your collection too. (I’m so bad at puns…)

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Let’s get to that review!

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
EVERY single Bunny doll I’ve seen has this problem! The good people at Toot’s Toys sent me TONS of photos of Bunny dolls. Over 2 cases worth! And each doll had this problem. Do you see it? Her left eye looks off into space while her right eye stares into your soul.

You might also notice that her face is shiny? That’s from all the gel/glue styling product that was in her hair that has somehow made its way onto her face.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Another image of her poor eye printing.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny has light brown eyebrows that are mostly hidden by her bangs.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny’s headband features two rabbit ears and a small black hat. The hat features a clock. The headband itself is black. I thought it odd (originally) that her ears were a headband, but after watching her in action in the Spring Unsprung special, it isn’t so odd. If you haven’t seen Bunny in action, she has the ability to turn into a bunny at will. This means that in her human form, she wouldn’t have bunny ears. It makes sense to me.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Speaking of ears, Bunny does have human ears (that I totally failed to photograph! Oops!) She wears two identical earrings. It isn’t easy to see on the actual doll, but the earrings are three carrots and their stalks/stems.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny’s white hair is hard as a rock! It’s so bad that you can see the separation that was created by the tabs that connected her head to her box.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny’s dress is all one piece.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
The vest of Bunny’s dress is sewn to the dress on the sides. It is open at the top and bottom, though.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny wears a black collar with pink tie.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
The skirt of Bunny’s dress features a mint/light green background with clocks in the foreground. The bottom is attached, it is not a separate layer.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny does not wear a ring, but she does come with these two cuffs. The cuffs are not identical, as the one on her left side also has a molded bracelet attached. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was supposed to be a watch.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny’s knee-high socks are molded plastic and are part of the same piece as her shoes. Her shoes feature adorable hourglass heels and a little bunny tail on the back.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
My Bunny came with a spot of missing paint on her right shoe. The plastic is white; the shoes and dots are painted black.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Bunny’s purse resembles a pocket watch with a long chain. I wonder if Bunny and Ashlynn are good friends, seeing as how they both share a “being late” motif.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Several people have been asking about the coloring of the Bunny Blanc doll, in particular, is she a color match for the Monster High doll Draculaura? I am TERRIBLE at color matching. I think that Bunny is JUST SLIGHTLY lighter than Draculaura.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
She is definitely more pink that the other EAH dolls, though.

Bunny’s Bookmark is basically just about Alistar. She’s got a serious crush. I’ll let you read for yourself:
Bunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review PhotosBunny Blanc ~ Review Photos

Bunny’s box features this MOST ADORABLE ART!
Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
It also features the art of the next dolls to be released. Rosabella is coming any day now, and Alistar is expected to be released either this week or next.

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
I love reading the back of the boxes! I think this gives THE MOST insight into each character. I love that Bunny has this nonchalant attitude when it comes to being late, like “meh, I’ll get there”

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
And that’s Bunny!

What do you think? For me, Bunny’s doll is a huge miss. I can’t get over her eyes! The thing I ABSOLUTELY hate the most about misprinted eyes is when they do not focus on the same point. If this was an intentional design choice, I cannot understand why it was made. Her character in the show was adorable, and her little bunny rabbit was so precious! The doll, however, is none of those things.

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13 thoughts on “Bunny Blanc ~ Ever After High Doll Review”

  1. Thanks for this awesome review! I can’t wait to get my hands on this gorgeous doll… although, I must agree with you. I hate how her eyes make her look so derpy and weird. But I looove her hair and accessories!

  2. I wish her skirt had layers, but I guess it’s not a must on EAH (Blondie’s basic doll didn’t have a layered skirt and she came out before the missing accessories thing). And I’m totally washing her hair as soon as I get her. I bet it will look gorgeous then (it happened with my Scaremester Clawdeen).

    My favorite thing are the shoes. They could be better but they’re still lovely.

    1. I brushed her hair out for the last photo. I kinda like this look.

      I think her shoes are adorable! Something about that style accentuates the fact that she is petite.

  3. I’m still going to get her, but they need to fix that eye thing. It’s going to drive me nuts. It’s a shame they’re so incompetent with eyes lately, because everything else about her is adorable. Or will be once that gel is washed out.

  4. She’s cute, but I can’t get past the eye thing. If they fix her eyes in a later release, I’ll buy her. If not, she’ll be the only sig EAH doll I won’t have.

  5. Bunny’s not wearing socks; she’s wearing old-fashioned boots. They’re called “spats”. Bunny’s pair is just very tall. But they’re definitely spats.

    1. I’m with everyone else, i hate her eyes! They are kindaf hard to see so why worry about it? i mean, i barely see it. I’m pretty sure the bracelet is a watch too. I’ve seen pictures of her and her hair is shorter then it is on the doll. Good thing i got her for Christmas.

  6. I got this doll last week, and I saw her online first and was excited to get one! I was a bit dissapointed when I opened the box and saw her up close. The eyes were really weird! And the stiff hair was a let down. However, I don´t get defeated easily, and went on a journey to upgrade her.

    I used a light pink copic marker (with permanent ink), and added a pink spot on the inside of her eyes, like those pink corners we have on our eyes, and it made a HUGE diference! She looks like she´s looking straight ahead now. I also add make up blush to her cheeks, and wow, that girl was seriously missing some color. Her face got 100% better.

    As for her dress, I thought it was a little poor quality, the skirt was always in an odd shape, and it would let you see up into her thights (oops!). So I got some black toule, and made a fluffy/tutu black underskirt that hid her legs and poofed out the skirt and made it make a cute bell like silhouete. The black toule shows up a bit and looks like black lace.

    As for her hair, I just took off her clothes and gave her a straight hair bath… used liquid soap and hair conditioner to take off all that stiffy gel. Now she´s got beautiful hair (even if the cut is somewhat shorter on one side, it looks kinda cute!) I also painted the little buttons on her cuffs black and added a white spot of light on each of the boots buttons.

    I love seeing those repaints people make on dolls, but I have absolutely no idea how to make those and I am terrified to mess the dool beyond repair. So I thought these little things I did helped a lot, without having to wipe off her face and paint again. As a doll lover to others, this would definitey help improve this cute doll!

    1. Dear Carolina,
      Thank you so much for such great detailed advice!! I followed it and it did improve the doll a lot! 100%.
      P.S. I didn’t have the marker you used to improve Bunny’s eyes, so I used an acrylic paint and a very thin paint-brush instead.
      So, yes, just to say thanks very much indeed!! Super helpful advice. ^_^

  7. I think her eyes must have been an intentional design choice, since every Bunny doll I’ve seen has had the same problem and she’s been out for a while now. Don’t real rabbits’ eyes tend to do the same thing? I don’t spend too much time looking at them, but I’ve heard that before. It doesn’t detract from their cuteness factor, though.

    Besides, it would make sense if they were trying to mimic an actual rabbit’s eyes, since they gave Bunny an actual rabbit’s skin tone. Friendly advice: don’t go looking up pictures of rabbit skin, especially if you’re squeamish like me or hate seeing animals used in clothes and whatnot.

    Since so many people have complained about Bunny’s eyes, though, I imagine any future doll releases she gets (presuming she even gets another- I really like her, but given the number of complaints about her and Alistair, part of me doubts Mattel will give either of them another doll ) will print the eyes normally.

  8. I actually just bought bunny and am waiting for her to come in the mail, oddly enough I really don’t like her in the show but her doll is cute. I think her eyes make her more unique then the others and I really like how short she is.

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