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Quin’s New Dress

All of the new Quin postings and the new Kickstarter made me pick my doll back up. I’ve never really loved the Barbie outfits I had her in, so I decided to try making an outfit for her. After multiple failed attempts (her body is proportioned very differently than I’m used to sewing for) I finally came up with this dress that I love. Quin's New Dress

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3D KitBash’s Quin: To Infinity!

Upgrade kit for Quin on Kickstarter Go check this out! Quin is the 3D printable doll and this Kickstarter is for upgrades for her! I’ve already donated to get them all! Check it out:

I’m so excited for these! There are some stretch rewards, too that would be so awesome!

I really want these! Go check out the Kickstarter page and pledge!

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Monster High Wall Stands

We’ve changed the assortment a little bit. You can now get 3 MH wall mounts for just $10.

Put your Spectras on the wall. Let Voltageous fly! Show off Robeccca’s acrobatics! Or just display your dolls off of a shelf, giving yourself more space for playsets :)

Check out my etsy store for these stands. We will be offering more colors when these sell out.

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The other 3D prints of today

Our 3D printer was very busy this afternoon. First I printed a throne for my Apple White doll. I found the model on thingiverse; it was supposed to be a holder for an iPhone, but it works perfectly for Apple White. We also printed a revolutionary new Monster High stand as well as the clip for the MH boys. Check them out below the cut:

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3D Printed Monster High Stand Clip

Ever had your stand clip fail/break on a Monster High doll? It is a common problem that several people have reported, and I thought this would be an easy thing to make on a 3D printer. If you are interested, you can download the model on thingiverse. See photos below:

DSC_0237 DSC_0244 DSC_0268


What do you think? Not bad for an hour’s work.

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