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3D Printing and Sewing

I’ve been having fun on Instagram chatting with people and making friends there. I got into an interesting conversation with @kuru.kurumi about 3D printed weapons. Check them out: Continue reading

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Raye Sews!

I just wanted to share some photos of my latest sewing creations. I’m not the best, but I love to make these tiny tight dresses. I’ve been thinking about putting them on my Etsy store. Would you be interested in purchasing them?? See the dresses: Continue reading

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Quin’s New Dress

All of the new Quin postings and the new Kickstarter made me pick my doll back up. I’ve never really loved the Barbie outfits I had her in, so I decided to try making an outfit for her. After multiple failed attempts (her body is proportioned very differently than I’m used to sewing for) I finally came up with this dress that I love. Quin's New Dress

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Trying my hand at sewing

I’ve never been able to sew. My mother let me borrow her machine (from the 1960’s) and I never could use it. I tried hand sewing doll clothes, and that was a frustrating nightmare. My husband suggested that the problem might now be me, but my equipment. To prove it to me, he bought me a new machine. Guess what? He was right…. I’ve already made several pieces that I just love! Continue Reading to see the photos: Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And a nice little crafting afternoon!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter (if you celebrate) and a Happy Spring!

I had so much fun this afternoon making these little bunny ears that I couldn’t stop there! I made bear ears, wolf ears, kitty ears, and froggie ears! Check out more  Continue reading

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