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Barbie Fan Club Memberships 2017

So the Barbie Fan Club memberships went on sale today and I have fallen in love with several of the exclusives there, so I went ahead and purchased a membership and my first doll.
I am happy to introduce you to Glam Gown Barbie Doll. I’ll do a full review of her when I get her! I can’t wait to get a Silkstone!

I’ve never had a BFC membership before, but I have watched them from afar. From what I can tell they are doing things differently.
First, this is really late in the year for the 2017 memberships. Don’t they normally go on sale around February? They aren’t even referring to them by years now. They are just 12 month memberships.
Secondly, there are tiers to the memberships. You can get a pink membership for free. The gold and platinum are the ones you have to pay for to get the exclusives. Platinum gets you more discounts and a free gift, but is a tad more expensive. The discount was more than the cost of the membership, though, so I don’t feel SO bad. There is a free gift included in the platinum membership that is not included in the gold. If you’re curious, it’s a pack of shoes.

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Ever After High First Chapter Dolls: UPDATE

Okay, if you want the dolls I posted about here, then DO NOT order them right now from Amazon. I ordered the Apple doll and got the ORIGINAL box Apple White with the non-faded eyebrows. I sent a strongly worded note to Amazon asking for the correct doll that I ordered, but I imagine that won’t amount to anything. Apple is going back to Amazon on Monday…. Ugh….

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Amanita Nightshade’s Diary

Thanks again to our friends over at for these photos of the back of Amanita’s box and her diary! What do you think?


10580073_10202548807715960_93182044599616864_n Continue reading

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Monster High ~ Casta Fierce

Casta Fierce is this year’s fall single release doll, in the same way that Catty Noir was last year. Casta is the daughter of Circe, the goddess of magic, and the lead singer of a band called The Spells (per the Monster High wiki). Casta has started showing up in some Wal-Mart stores, but all three stores near me are completely void of new things. Thanks to my awesome friends at Toot’s Toys, though, I was able to grab her and have in her in my hands before Wal-Mart even reset their shelves. If your Wal-Marts are super behind like mine, check out to grab your Casta!

Casta Fierce Review Photos

She’s a beautiful doll. Click for more photos and my full review! Continue reading

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Hat-tastic Cedar Wood

I ordered Hat-tastic Cedar Wood when she became available on on Wednesday. She arrived today! Check out her awesomeness!
Hat-tastic Cedar Wood
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