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Barbie Fan Club Memberships 2017

So the Barbie Fan Club memberships went on sale today and I have fallen in love with several of the exclusives there, so I went ahead and purchased a membership and my first doll.
I am happy to introduce you to Glam Gown Barbie Doll. I’ll do a full review of her when I get her! I can’t wait to get a Silkstone!

I’ve never had a BFC membership before, but I have watched them from afar. From what I can tell they are doing things differently.
First, this is really late in the year for the 2017 memberships. Don’t they normally go on sale around February? They aren’t even referring to them by years now. They are just 12 month memberships.
Secondly, there are tiers to the memberships. You can get a pink membership for free. The gold and platinum are the ones you have to pay for to get the exclusives. Platinum gets you more discounts and a free gift, but is a tad more expensive. The discount was more than the cost of the membership, though, so I don’t feel SO bad. There is a free gift included in the platinum membership that is not included in the gold. If you’re curious, it’s a pack of shoes.

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Aurora World – Toy Fair Press Release

Although I may not be able to go to New York Toy Fair this year, I still get all the great press kits in my email. And trust me…. my email is FLOODED with them. In this post, I’d like to talk to you about the kit released by Aurora World. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, their own description says “Established in 1981, Aurora World is a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry. Aurora World offers an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults.”

The exciting news from Aurora this year is that they have announced a partnership with Tokidoki, “the internationally recognized and iconic lifestyle brand that has amassed a cult-like global following for its larger-than-life characters. Aurora World will feature a line of plush bearing the distinctive tokidoki look.” Snipped right from the press kit, here are images:
Aurora World Tokidoki

So what does this mean for tokidoki lovers? If you’re loving those plushies, it means you will probably be able to purchase them directly from the Aurora World store ( when they are ready. Other Aurora World licences include plushies for Lamb Chop, Garfield, Raggedy Ann and Andy, and Hush Puppies.

What do you think of the tokidoki plushies? Are you a tokidoki lover? I’ve always loved their stuff, but have avoided collecting it. I know that’s a black hole that I’ll never get out of :)

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It’s Toy Fair Time!

It’s been two years since I attended New York Toy Fair and while I didn’t miss it much last year, I definitely miss it this year. Few bloggers cover all the dolls that I saw. There are so many emerging market dolls or dolls that aren’t so mainstream.

Like My Ballerina Dolls. I LOVED meeting those guys in 2015. Did you know they came out with with that prince doll? Yeah! And they also released a Snow Queen doll last year, too! This year at Toy Fair they announced THE MOST ADORABLE DOLL ever. Look at her:

This is the Dew Drop Fairy. I have no idea how tall she is in comparison to the other dolls (they are huge!) If you want more information, you’ll have to head to the @myballerinadolls Instagram, because I haven’t seen anyone covering these awesome dolls.

I’ll add more Toy Fair coverage as I hear from other sources or find information via social media from the companies themselves, but I’m interested to hear from you guys about this new My Ballerina Doll. Will she be on your watch list?

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New York Toy Fair 2016

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend New York Toy Fair 2016. We’ve had some (personal) things come up and we just won’t be able to attend. We’ve contacted lots of companies, though, and are collecting press kits and media releases to share with you. More will be coming as we get closer to the fair. We will also share photos we find on social media (with proper credit, of course) so that you can just stop here to get all of your Toy Fair news :)

Happily, most companies have agreed to keep in contact with us and retain us on their lists for 2017! We are for sure going in 2017, come hell or high water :)

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SDCC Reveals

I am SO sorry about not updating sooner with this weekend’s SDCC reveals! I will make that up to you now with one large post about the reveals Friday-Sunday.

Monster High:

Meet Isi Dawndancer, daughter of the Deer Spirit! If you're in need of dance lessons, Isi is definitely your go-to ghoul!


Look at her cute feet!!

Source: @kataramov on Tumblr and Instagram

If you put your heads together, you might be able to figure out tomorrow's epic new character reveal!✨ #MHComicConReveal #SDCC2015 #MonsterHighSDCC #SDCC
Meet Peri and Pearl Serpentine, twin daughters of Hydra! Peri is a little bit good. Pearl is a whole lot of bad. Together they'll star in #GreatScarrierReef coming spring 2016! #MHComicConReveal #SDCC2015 #MonsterHighSDCC #SDCC

The hand-painted prototypes of Peri, Pearl, and Toralei! (Source: @kataramov on Tumblr and Instagram)

One part werecat, one part Lion Fish. Total purrrfection. #ToraleiStripe is ready for an underwater adventure in #MonsterHigh's #GreatScarrierReef coming spring 2016! #MHComicConReveal #SDCC2015 #MonsterHighSDCC #SDCC

We saved the scary-sweetest #SDCC2015 reveal for last! See you tomorrow, #MonsterHigh! #MHComicConReveal #MonsterHighSDCC #SDCC
Introducing #candycoated #RochelleGoyle and #Twyla, the newest additions to the #MonsterHigh vinyl collection! Get your claws on these scary-cute ghouls this Fall! #MHComicConReveal #CollectThemAll #SDCC2015 #MonsterHighSDCC

Oh. Em. Ghoul! A surprise reveal at #SDCC2015?! #FrankieStein will spark as an electric eel in #GreatScarrierReef!#MonsterHighSDCC #MonsterHigh #SDCC #TotallyElectric #ComingSpring2016

Ever After High:
Dance back tomorrow to see a reveal that will bring the noise in spellebration of #SDCC02015! #Hexciting #DoWeHaveToWait #EverAfterHigh #SDCC
Meet, #JustineDancer! Fulfilling this #Royal dancing queen's destiny means finding 11 more princesses to complete her dance troupe! #12DancingPrincesses #SDCC #EverAfterHigh #SDCC2015



Overall, there weren’t a lot of photos taken of this Maddie doll. It’s possible that the reason is all of the leaks, plus Mattel posted her on their webstore already(!!), AND she has these TERRIBLE painted-on tights! Ugh!

Anyways! What do you think of Mattel’s line-up? I feel like not a lot that happened at the panel was reported by those in attendance. We know about the Great Scarier Reef movie coming up. There was some information about the Boo York Boo York movie, but beyond that, I’m not sure anything of interest came from Saturday’s panel.

What do you think? Are there any of these dolls/vinyls that you are just dying to get your hands on? Which are you most excited for?

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