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New Ever After High on Amazon!

YES! So I know that Mattel has WAY scaled back their Ever After High line. The rumors are floating around that Ever After High is completely done for. They weren’t shown at Toy Fair and no one has heard much about them. I’m really just crossing my fingers and praying to anybody that will listen to me that it isn’t true. I know there are no new dolls at Wal-Mart or Target, but please no. BUT! Amazon has some listings that aren’t available yet and one that became available yesterday:

Okay. I get it. She’s really just the School Spirit outfit with accessories and furniture that we’ve seen before. But I am so starved for new EAH that I bought her. She’s cute and I just really want more EAH right now.

I know that I reviewed the Epic Winter Blondie some time ago, and that I didn’t have the nicest things to say about her. But I’ve changed my mind and bought almost every doll from the Epic Winter line last weekend. I’ve also made myself a little list of all the EAH dolls I am missing and have slowly started building it back up. I blame watching the Epic Winter movie earlier this week. I’m kinda in love again. Kinda madly in love again with their little pancake faces and soft hair. Seriously, Epic Winter Ashlynn has the softest hair ever. And even with his molded on pants, Daring is a little cutie! I take back any negative thing I ever said. I love my Ever After High and I want it back!!!

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Project MC2 Experiment Dolls

I’ve seen the newest wave of the Project MC2 Dolls with experiments floating around Instagram and I really want one! I just don’t know WHO I want. Amazon has three of them for pre-order with order being filled as early as August 1.

In case you haven’t been stalking them, yet, let me introduce you to: Adrienne Attom’s Lemon Soap

Ember’s Fairy Wing Earrings

AND McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo

I honestly don’t know which doll to get. I’m thinking it’s going to be Adrienne because I have almost everyone of her dolls. She is just adorable and I love her glasses that most of her dolls come with. I’ve spent *a little too much* money on dolls lately and I need to make sure I can pay my mortgage payment…. but! never fear! I’m sure that Adrienne will be on her way to me at some point. I just need to make sure I have a house to ship her to ^.^

Do you collect the Project MC2 dolls? Are you excited for any of these? There are at least two more dolls in this line, but they aren’t on Amazon yet. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and I’ll let you know when/if I get one.

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Kuu Kuu Harajuku Dolls are here!

So Amazon posted listings for three of the five Kuu Kuu Harajuku dolls on Tuesday night. The doll named G is the blonde doll, the Love doll has dark black hair in four curls, and the Angel doll has brown hair in pigtails. They’ve also posted the five fashion packs. I ended up purchasing all three dolls and two of the fashion packs. See below for photos and my full review:  Continue reading

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New Epic Winter Dolls – Thanks to Toots Toys!

We’ve got some new images of the ACTUAL Epic Winter dolls, not promo photos, not catalogue photos, the actual in-hand dolls shipped to retailers. Check them out! What do you think? You know I’m getting that Blondie :)

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Ever After High and Monster High News

Several things have popped up on Entertainment Earth and Amazon.
Monster High Fashion Packs!

And the Monica D’kay doll:

Several people were upset that her last name does not match Ghoulia Yelps. Does that mean they are not sisters? I don’t know what’s in the works, but I’m excited to see more!

Amazon has listed several of the “reboot” dolls and images of these budget non-articulated dolls are now official:
Frankie; Draculaura; Cleo de Nile; Clawdeen Wolf

More Frightmares have also appeared on Amazon. I’m not a huge fan of the Frightmares, but leave me a comment below; what do you think of them?

Carousel Figure; Yeti Deer Figure

In addition to these listings, a tumblr user has gotten his hands on the newest additions to the Ever After High crew. Meet Nina Thumbell, Meeshell Mermaid, and Jillian Beanstalk.

My personal favorite is Meeshell! I adore the expression on her face and the changes they made. I like the other two just fine, but Meeshell is the one that I will be anxiously awaiting adding to my collection!!!
You can see more photos of them in their boxes, etc, at (Notice: this link is an external source and I take no responsibility for anything inapproriate that may get posted there….)

Additionally, some tumblr and instagram users have posted images of the Daring and Rosabella 2-pack for the Epic Winter Movie. They have these dolls in hand. The tumblr user is eahdolls; an extension of their Facebook page. The Instagram user is howlvin

Here the EAHDolls user has switched Daring’s head with an Alistair. The Daring doll comes with molded on pants, shoes, and hair. WHAT?!
Special thanks to this Alistair Wonderland doll for donating his body to Daring. Now he has articulation on his knees and has bare feet!
Will you be adding Daring and Rosabella to your collection?

Leave me a comment below, what do you think of the next releases?

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