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Ever After High Birthday Ball Review

A friend of mine posted the DPCI for the Birthday Ball dolls online (086-14-0437). Turns out, the Target on the far side of town had these in stock, so I rushed out in the rain to grab them!
Birthday Ball

Read my full review of both Cedar Wood and Rosabella Beauty in the new Birthday Bash line: Continue reading

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Hasbro and the Disney Princess Line

I promise, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. Things have been really crazy busy lately, but I’m on winter break now, so hopefully I can knock out some photos and reviews this week! I miss posting on here so much!!

Hasbro Disney Dolls
As I’m sure you know, Hasbro got the contract for the Disney Princess dolls. There is a great article about it all here.

I saw four of these new Hasbro dolls at my TRU today. They had Pocahontas, Jasmine, Merida, and Mulan. There were two sets of these four dolls. I am not impressed. I thought I was going to pick up a Jasmine, but seeing her in person didn’t make her jump into my arms. I kinda like Pocahontas’s outfit, but her face was just misprinted or something. These were $9.99 each.

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Here comes new dolls!

Have you been able to catch the Monster High Brand-Boo Students as they appear on Amazon? We happened to accidentally navigate to the page just as Batsy Claro and Isi Dawndancer were available. We haven’t been able to find Kjersti Trollsøn. Those dolls should arrive on Monday.

Have you seen the new Ever After High dolls?

These images come to us courtesy of Toot’s Toys. Each image is linked to their page on the Toot’s Toys store. Toot’s is expecting their shipment to arrive sometime this week.

I can’t wait to get all six of these new characters! I think I am most excited for Batsy Claro. She is just SO beautiful! What about you? Are you grabbing any of these six? Which are you most excited to see?

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New Frightfully Tall Ghouls

Have you been anxiously awaiting the new 17-inch Monster High Ghouls? Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen make their debut in this frightfully large scale. Toot’s Toys appears to have gotten a shipment of them in stock.



What do you think? Will you be adding any of these three to your collection??

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My Little Pony ~ 2015 SDCC Exclusive? MLP Fair

Hasbro has been remarkably closed-lip about their My Little Pony SDCC Exclusive. They’ve announced the exclusives for their other lines, but nothing has yet been said officially about their SDCC MLP Exclusive. For several years, the My Little Pony Fair has had a fair exclusive, and for the past few years, it has been the exact same as the SDCC Exclusive. This year’s MLP Fair Exclusive is the Fashion Style (Size?) Pinkie Pie dressed in her Nightmare Night Chicken outfit. Fans are naming her Chicken Pie. The following photos come to us courtesy of Instagram user squiddiepie and rainborificrenia.






What do you think of this exclusive? Will you be picking up a Chicken Pie?

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