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Pre-Order Ever After High Dolls

Toot’s Toys is pre-selling several Ever After High dolls (for a pretty penny). If you are interested in the Legacy Day Maddie or Cerise, Dexter, the Holly/Poppy O’Hair 2-pack, or the Hat-tasitc Apple, Briar, or Cerise – then you might want the check out Toot’s Toys Ever After High page.

There are no photos up (other than the stock Dexter and Toy Fair photos of the Legacy Day dolls). Keep checking back for more info.

Personally, I am actually debating on pre-ordering the Hat-tastic Apple White doll, just to see what she looks like and how awesome she will be. What do you think? $40 for a $20? I must be crazy…..

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YES! Thank you to my hubby for being sick and running out of tissues. Even though I was just at Target yesterday, I decided to stop by the doll aisle anyways, because I always do. And there he was, sitting on top of the DC 5-pack. Someone had been eyeing him, but the aisle was empty of people. I snatched him off of that shelf! I’ve never held a doll so tightly before in my life!

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New Clothes Found

Flickr user Margarit-chan has a friend who gets factory rejects from Indonesia. She is constantly posting images of her dolls in clothes/shoes that we’ve never seen before. It is so exciting to see what she’ll have next. I’m not going to lie, I’m always very jealous!

This time it is EAH Thronecoming, EAH Hat-tastic, MH Zombie Shake, MH I <3 Fashion, and more!

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More Cedar Wood

So tumblr user frozenmonsterhigh purchased one of the Cedar Wood dolls from Toot’s Toys (they want $45 for one! OUCH!) and has posted photos of her. I’m super excited to see her in person, and the hunt is on for her! I’ll post my detailed review with photos when I find her.

Start searching and make sure you tell us when/where you find her!

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Cedar Wood Found ~ but not by me

Ever After High Dolls on Facebook has posted that someone found Cedar Wood. They sourced it to Tootstoys. Let the hunting begin!

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