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The Slow Season

Hey everyone! I know it’s been super slow lately. I hate this time of year from like January until April/May when we have NO new dolls on the shelves. I mean, we got DC SuperHero Girls last month and I know I still need to review them, and probably a whole host of other stuffs that people keep angrily messaging me about (I promise I’ll get to Dragon Games someday.)

In the downtime, I’ve picked up Pokemon again. I was 10-years old in 1996 when Pokemon first came out in Japan. Shortly after its release in America (I was in middle school), we started playing the video games and collecting/playing with the cards. I was an obsessed little girl back then and now I’m an obsessed woman with money to spare. So….. Pokemon plushies and cards are totally what I’ve been wasting my money on since there are literally no. dolls. to. buy. UGH! So if you see some Pokemon plushie posts here or on my Youtube, that’s what’s going on. Also, I really really like playing the trading card game, so I’ve been buying cards like a crazy woman. Seriously…. it’s a bad addiction. So if I start adding booster openings to my Youtube channel, don’t unsubscribe. I promise I haven’t given up on dolls and other toys. ^.^

For the 20th anniversary, Pokemon is releasing these limited edition plushies. You can see photos and a full list here. I am collecting all of these and I might do a collection post soon. I’m up-to-date with February (Mew), March (Celebi), and April (Jirachi). They look super cute and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection.

They are also doing these pin boxes that contain two booster packs of OMG great cards. Seriously, Generations boosters are worth the extra money. I’ve gotten some great pulls. I’ll show you the pins when I do a Pokemon collection update. (Don’t worry. I won’t show you all my cards…. ain’t nobody got time for that!)

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New house!

We are getting all settled in to our new house and life is progressing slowly. I have a whole room to myself just for my dolls. We’ve installed shelves on one of the walls of my room. They were a little pricey, so I’m not going to be able to do all of the walls at once. But for now, take a gander at the Wall of Ever After High:
New Shelves

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Packing up all of my dolls!

Packing up my dolls

Moving Day is fast approaching! My husband took this photo to document the struggle. I packed up almost all of my dolls today in anticipation of our move to our new house next weekend.

I kept a pretty good record of which dolls went into which boxes; I’m terrified of losing some of them. The only ones not packed right now are my Pullips and my Smart Doll.

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Ack! I disappeared!

Sorry for disappearing for a month, guys! We’ve been house shopping and saving every little penny towards buying a new home. The good news is…. WE FOUND ONE! The month of August has been all about doing home-stuffs like inspections, paperwork, appraisals, etc. It’s been craziness! But we have a scheduled closing date of September 3!!

I’m so excited! I’m getting a room all to myself devoted just to my dolls! My husband is super excited to get his own space, too. I think he thinks that if I have a room, that the dolls won’t spill out onto the living room coffee table. Oh is he wrong…..

I can’t wait to take you on a tour of the new room once I get it all set up! I’ll have space to do videos and better reviews! Looking forward to showing it all off to you!! See you soon :)

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I’ve never spent so much on a doll….

Greetings everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update! I put myself on the waiting list for one of the Smart Doll Kizuna Yumeno. (pronounced “kee-zoo-nah you-may-know”)

Have you ever heard of the Smart Dolls? Here is some information from their website:

Smart Doll is a line of 60cm tall articulated fashion dolls designed by Danny Choo. Smart Doll is designed for all races, ages and genders. Owners are from all walks of life from a variety of backgrounds. Owners are notably creative who love to customize and take photos of their Smart Doll. The design of Smart Doll is influenced by Japanese Pop Culture but modified for an international audience. Combining the level of detail that can be achieved at being 60cm tall, the visual expression of the free flowing hair and crystal clear eyes gives Smart Doll a look that has not been experienced on an international level up until now. Housing an internal frame, Smart Doll strikes a balance between aesthetics and poseability. Conventional dolls have a parting line located in the middle of the waist but Smart Doll was designed with the parting line located behind the bust line which provides a more natural look.

Each Smart Doll is 60,000 yen and comes with a full set of casual clothes and a telescopic stand. Payment is by Paypal who also accept credit cards. Shipping fees and other purchase related info lives on the Buy Page.

So…. yeah. I ordered one. And a corresponding T-shirt for me…. and an extra T-shirt for Kizuna. They have an amazing line-up of additional clothing for the dolls! I can’t wait to purchase more!

So if it seems like we are slacking around here lately, with all of the new EAH and MH dolls that are coming to market, just know that I am still here…. it’s just that I am a little broke…. (60,000 yen plus optional add-ons came to a little more than $600. So……)

We will do a HUGE unboxing video, photoset, and small party when Kizuna arrives. Depending on if I was “one of the first” or not, she could ship out next week or as late as June 15. I’ll keep you updated on the process!

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