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Masters of the Universe Classics ~ Madame Razz and Broom ~ Toy Fair

Thanks to Pixel Dan for this short clip of a figure I’ve been waiting for! MOTU:C Madame Razz!

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Funko POP ~ NY Toy Fair ~ Stitch Kingdom

Again, super huge thanks to Stitch Kingdom for these photos and up-to-date Toy Fair 2014 coverage! I’ve just taken Stitch Kingdom’s photos and compiled them into one post.
Here are some of the new Funko Pop! Figures that are at Toy Fair:

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My Little Pony ~ Toy Fair 2014 ~ Idle Hands Blog

These images are thanks to Idle Hands Blog. I’ll be reposting (with credit, of course) all of the great dolly things they find from New York Toy Fair. Thank you Idle Hands for your great coverage!

Here are some My Little Pony toys we haven’t seen yet, or some better images of those we have seen:

Seriously, check them out. They’ve got tons more photos of My Little Pony brushables and merchandise.

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Mia and Me ~ Dolls and Information

Mia doll
Source♛ eternal-snow ♛ on Flickr

Mia and Me is a super cute show that is currently playing in European countries.
According to their website:
Mia is a normal 12-year-old girl, living in a boarding school in Florence, Italy. But she owns a mysterious book and a magic bracelet that allow her into the wondrous world of Centopia, a realm full of Elves, Pans and Unicorns. Here she is transformed into a beautiful Elf with a unique skill: She is the only Elf in Centopia who can communicate with the Unicorns.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these dolls and hoping they come to the United States!


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More Equestria Girls ~ Toy Fair 2014

Again, SUPER huge thanks to @stitchkingdom for these photos. They all come from @stitchkingdom on Instagram and on their corresponding tumblr. Thanks for sharing!

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