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New dolls!

November means new doll time! We’ve gotten a wave of new releases in and I’ve been flooded with new dolls on my shelves!
We’ve got MH Isi Dawndancer, Batsy Claro, Kjersti Trollson; EAH TriCastleon, Justine Dancer, Melody Piper, Farrah Goodfairy, Dragon Games Raven, Darling, Holly, and Apple/Braeburn, Book Party Ginger; and Star Darlings Scarlet. I’m sure there are dolls I have that aren’t even on that list. I don’t even know where to begin! Let me know in the comments who you would like to see and we’ll get on those first!

Additionally, if you are interested in the Star Darlings dolls, check out my friend’s flickr account for all five dolls.

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Tri-Castle-On 3 Pack from

Have you seen this awesome 3-Pack?
I grabbed this set the minute I saw it online, and it was delivered today.

I want to get pictures posted tonight, but it probably isn’t going to happen. I’m going out of town tomorrow until Saturday. The 3-Pack DOES come with stands, a black base for Hunter, silver for Cerise, and gold for Lizzie. They also come with one bookmark that basically gives the three characters’ perspective on the Tri-Castle-On, which basically just sounds like field day or something. Lizzie’s still homesick, Cerise is still hiding her identify, and Hunter is still proud to be a Huntsman. It doesn’t do much for world-building or character additions, but it’s cute. I’ll post it when I post the photos.

Do you plan on getting the 3-Pack?

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Astranova Doll and Playset Review

Hey everyone! I finally got my hands on the Astranova doll and playset this weekend. Target has her on sale for about $37 and then the Cartwheel App has a 50% off coupon for her. That brought her down to $18-something. Who could say no to that?! I decided to do another video review of her, but also took some stills. Let me know if you guys like these video reviews, if you think something needs to change about them, or if you want me to go back to doing everything the old way. Or just comment and let me know that you’re still there. I know that I’ve been gone for awhile because of the move, so I’m wondering if you’re all still out there?

Photos and more: Continue reading

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Clara Marie – My Ballerina Dolls

OMG! You may remember that we did a photoset of the newest dolls at Toy Fair called My Ballerina Dolls. I am so excited to bring you this exclusive review of the My Ballerina Dolls Dream Clara Marie doll! She is so beautiful! Even though we aren’t fully moved in, yet, I had to drop everything and bring you this review! She has to be one of my top picks for this holiday season. She is a LARGE doll (as large as my Smart Doll Kizuna). I think she is a MUST HAVE!

If you want a Clara Marie doll of your own, make sure to go check out to grab one! I can’t wait to go add the Party Dress to my Clara Marie doll!

Here is a massive photo set of this doll: Continue reading

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Project MC2 – Adrienne Attoms

I was so excited to see the Project MC2 (MC-squared) dolls at my Toys R Us today! I know that it is Bratz release day, so I was anxious to see all of them, but more excited to find that my TRU had a fresh case of these gals! Money is super tight right now because we are in the final stretch of saving for our house (SO CLOSE!), so I couldn’t buy all four. (Retail at TRU: $24.99) I did manage to come home with Adrienne Attoms. My good friend Veni Vidi Dolli on flickr ended up purchasing the other three dolls. You can see her review of them on her flickr.

Project MC2 - Adrienne Attoms

This is Adrienne. Continue reading

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