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Monster High Gooliope ~ Sneak Peak

I really wanted to get a full review out to you guys tonight about the new TALL Monster High Gooliope doll. The doll arrived a little late this afternoon, and we had a retirement dinner that we had to attend. I haven’t had a chance to take all of the photos that I want or do a full write-up, but I wanted to post what I have. I’ll make a second post later (and maybe delete this one) that is more my style. For now, enjoy these photos (and one tiny crappy video) of Gooliope! Continue reading

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Rosabella Beauty ~ Ever After High Doll Review

Long story short, Rosabella is here today and Kizuna isn’t.

Long story… not made short… The tracking on Rosabella originally had her scheduled to be here on Friday. Then it updated and said Saturday. Imagine my surprise when she was delivered today!! Awesome! On another note, My Smart Doll, Kizuna, had a delivery attempt today, and I now have to wait until I get a free moment tomorrow to go get her. At least she’s here….

Okay, sorry. Let’s get to Rosabella and her Beauty, because she really is a BEAUTIFUL doll!
Rosabella Beauty

Continue reading

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Blondie Lockes ~ Enchanted Picnic Doll Review

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll know two things about me: I absolutely LOVE bows, and I absolutely LOVE the Ever After High doll Blondie Lockes! She’s my favorite doll! So when the newest Blondie Lockes doll was listed as “in-stock” on Toot’s Toys, I just HAD to grab her!

Enchanted Picnic Blondie Lockes

I mean look at her! How could you not love this adorable girl! Continue reading

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Way Too Wonderland ~ Apple White Doll Review

It is so exciting to be reviewing dolls that I got to see at Toy Fair!!
Ever After High Showcase at New York Toy Fair 2015

This post is all about Way Too Wonderland Apple White. I got this doll from Toot’s Toys. Their latest shipment of dolls included the Way Too Wonderland girls, Raven’s WTW Playset, and the Sugar Coated dolls and playset. I only purchased the Bunny (previously reviewed here) and this Way Too Wonderland Apple doll. Continue reading

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Bunny Blanc ~ Ever After High Doll Review

I am so happy that the new dolls have started to arrive! The newest addition to our collection is Bunny Blanc! This adorable little doll is just hopping to join your collection too. (I’m so bad at puns…)

Bunny Blanc ~ Review Photos
Let’s get to that review! Continue reading

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