Disney Store Maleficent The Movie Dolls ~ Online

Interested in the Disney Store Maleficent or Aurora dolls for the new movie? The 12″ dolls for the movie will be $34.95 each! OUCH! Definitely not “Classic Doll” price!  Check out the photos, descriptions, and links after the more:

Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll - 12''

You’re invited

Well, well, it’s Maleficent, in all her splendor. Part of the the Disney Film Collection, this finely detailed collector’s doll captures the fiery spirit of the legendary icon as she appears in Disney’s new live-action film.

  • Fully articulated figure
  • Deluxe costume
  • Textured fabric with faux leather collar and detailing
  • Faceted jewel at neck
  • Finely sculptured head with attached horns
  • Includes staff
  • Scenic packaging
  • Part of the Disney Film Collection

Aurora Disney Film Collection Doll - Maleficent - 12''

Golden age

Once upon a dream comes the golden vision of Princess Aurora as she appears in Disney’s new live-action film Maleficent. Finely detailed with her beautiful hair and elegant gown, this Aurora doll is part of the Disney Film Collection.

  • Fully articulated
  • Deluxe costume
  • Satin gown with mesh top layer
  • Brocade trim with gold foil thread detailing
  • Rooted hair
  • Finely sculptured head with fern leaf headband
  • Scenic packaging
  • Part of the Disney Film Collection
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  1. I am inquiring about the Maleficent doll on this web page. We would like to purchase it and wanted to know how to go about it? Any information is appreciated!

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