Ever After High Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Lineup!

Mattel has released their Spring 2016 catalogue and the images are pouring in! These are the dolls that typically hit shelves in mid-November to late-December. The major lines are (of course) new Signatures, Dragon Games, Forest Pixies, Book Party, and a new line of budget-style dolls. Ready to see them?

The new signature line includes:tumblr_inline_nqorik0WeD1sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqoriuYoP51sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqorj5UdMv1sz536h_540

We are also getting a new character in the Way Too Wonderland line! How exciting is that? First an unannounced Briar and now this new character: Courtly Jester, daughter of the Joker Card.


Dragon Games is the big line (and probably movie) for Spring 2016. It has a main line,  a playset, and these mini dolls.

The Forest Pixies are part of the Dragon Games line. These dolls feature low articulation (no knees or elbows as seen in the photos). I’m betting these dolls are smaller in size than the traditional EAH doll.

tumblr_inline_nqpzmu6lDU1sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqpznmtjed1sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqpznzC7KB1sz536h_540

The next part of the Dragon Games line is the Apple White Dragonrider. The set is an Apple White doll with a (BEAUTIFUL) dragon that flaps its wings! How cute?! tumblr_nqojjmDViy1ts56aeo1_540

The remainder of the Dragon Games line feature Raven Queen, Darling Charming, Holly O’Hair, and new character Mira Shards. If you absolutely must know Mira’s identity, send me a message. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone, but the catalogue gives a nod to her identity.

tumblr_nqojjmDViy1ts56aeo2_1280 tumblr_nqojjmDViy1ts56aeo3_1280 tumblr_nqojjmDViy1ts56aeo4_1280 tumblr_nqojjmDViy1ts56aeo5_1280

This line is known as the Book Party line. These dolls aren’t pictured with a bookmark and feature minimal accessories. The line includes Kitty Cheshire, Ginger Breadhouse, and Lizzie Hearts.

tumblr_inline_nqq2ntgOxU1sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqq2o1XTi11sz536h_540 tumblr_inline_nqq2qkbj2r1sz536h_540

This next set, known as the Tricastleon 3 pack, features Cerise Hood, Hunter Huntsman, and Lizzie Hearts. The photo isn’t high quality, so please forgive.


This last line features arms with no elbow articulation. The tops of the dresses also seem to be molded onto the doll, similar to the (super) budget Barbie dolls. I haven’t seen a price point on these yet, but I would imagine they will sell for a similar price to those Barbies.  tumblr_nqokwpzmGW1ts56aeo1_500

So what do you think? Have you added any of these to your wishlist? Are you drooling like I was?! Please leave your comments below! I’d love to gush about them with you!

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22 thoughts on “Ever After High Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Lineup!”

  1. I love the look of the Forest Pixies and the new characters and well pretty much everything! Even the budget dolls have some nice accessories with their little crowns and recoloured necklaces.


    1. Ever After High is the best! Raven is my favorite!
      They should also make doll versions of the teachers and all the pets! And more princes too!

  2. I’m most looking forward to the new sigs (that’s all I’m theoretically collecting :) ), and also the Dragonriders series. I want Apple’s dragon, to give to Raven if she doesn’t get her own. And also the clothes of the other girls – I like that they are pants and tops mostly, and I need them for the rest of the girls.

    I also like the TriCastleOn line, Lizzie & Hunter particularly.

    Just have to hope that they’ll eventually reach my country :(

  3. Not sure about anything else, but I’ll be getting Justine for sure. Dragon Games Raven is pretty tempting too.

  4. How exciting! Justine will be mine! So will Farrah, Courtly Jester (wonder how she escaped being “Courtney”?), and Mirah!

    The dolls with the low articulation… sigh. Mattel, meet me at camera three.

    Thank you so much for this update! =)

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Apple’s dragon look a lot like Gala, her snow fox? Especially with the white wings. Plus near the rear on the side, is that a small apple?

    If my theory is correct and this is Gala, well I hope that hushes everyone up on tumblr that keeps wondering why Apple got the dragon.

    1. i saw a pic of winter wonderlandish sort where rosabella anddaring?! i jus got rosabella birthday ball in the mail but dont know what other dolls are going to be in there;

      i jus want to know ALLof 2016 EAH dolls!

      1. Yes, there is a 2-pack coming this summer of Rosabella and Darling. I try not to post those leaked photos out of respect for Mattel. I only post them when I have permission from the company. I can tell you, though, that if you’ve seen those leaks, you have NOT seen everything from MH or EAH that’s coming this year :) Trust me. There is more out there

  6. LOVE the Dragin games set. They NEED the release Nevermore. I bet they will, so I won’t panic just yet.

    I really like the book club set (except that Ginger needs glasses). I do tend to like the simple ones. I’ll be getting Lizzy for sure. I adore her shoes and dress here.

    Don’t really care for the others, although I’ll buy the new sigs.

    I am SO getting that Tricastleton set. I just can’t….

    {passes out}

  7. I love sooo many of the new dolls/sets here that I wont be able to resist a big spend up when they are released!! There’s nothing I don’t like actually as even the budget dolls are cute (although the forest pixies aren’t really my thing ) but my absolute faves are the dragon games set – they all look amazing and I love the characters in that set as well!- and also YAY for the new sig dolls (and Mira!!) . I hope they do a movie for the DG set! Thanks so much for sharing Raye! I need to get saving now XD

  8. I’m loving all the standard new girls and outfits…disappointed with the budget girls (don’t understand the point) but I really like the general flow of this whole line. Need more BOYS!! I think we need a bad boy soon…

  9. I love all of them!!! Gah, this is NOT good for my bank account! I am in love with the pixie Featherly! She is so sweet looking. And the dragon games line is awesome! Especially Raven! I will have to get the jester Doll. I’m planning on getting the way too wonderland line so she needs to be added!

  10. I have made many Total Drama Ever After High characters! Take a look!
    Chris McLean-Milton Grimm
    Alejandro-Sparrow Hood
    Beth-Rosabella Beauty
    Blaineley-Baba Yaga
    Bridgette-Ashlynn Ella
    Cody-Gus Crumb
    Courtney-Kitty Cheshire
    Duncan-The Merry Men
    Geoff-Hunter Huntsman
    Gwen-Raven Queen
    Heather-Duchess Swan
    Izzy-Madeline Hatter
    Josh-Jack Horner
    Katie-Ginger Breadhouse
    Leshawna-Justine Dancer
    Lindsay-Blondie Lockes
    Noah-Humphrey Dumpty
    Sadie-Brooke Page
    Sierra-Cedar Wood
    Trent-Dexter Charming
    Anne Maria-Lizzie Hearts
    Dakota-C.A. Cupid
    Dawn-Apple White
    Lightning-The Merry Men
    Mike-Hopper Croakington II
    Zoey-Briar Beauty
    Amy-Holly O’Hair
    Ella-Bunny Blanc
    Jasmine-Lilly-Bo Peep
    Samey-Poppy O’Hair
    Scarlett-Faybelle Thorn
    Shawn-Son of the Hero of Haarlem
    Sky-Cerise Hood
    Topher-Daring Charming
    Don-Giles Grimm
    Carrie-Darling Charming
    Crimson-Mira Shards
    Devin-Alistair Wonderland
    Gerry-Jack B. Nimble
    Josee-Farrah Goodfairy
    Kelly-White Queen
    Kitty-Courtly Jester
    Stephanie-Melody Piper
    Taylor-Helga Crumb

    1. Mira Shards, Dragon Games Collection and Special Edition Doll, is the Evil Queen in disguise. You can google her and get more info.

  11. I think i don’t like the idea to make a doll without articulations and a tshirt painted on, that’s so stupid. In te other hand, i think is stupid to about who are the mirah’s parents, i love ever after high, but i don’t like it.

  12. I like to get the photos/images from you. I am making a huge Ever After High doll poster/check off list and I would love to put these on it and make it so everyone could use it. That way it will be up to date from a longer time. It is better to get the image/photo from the person then click and save way. Better image and less likely to pixelate. Thank you very much I am looking forward to the new lines.

  13. I love melody piper the pixies and raven gragon games and the budget dolls I am going to get the budget dolls because because they are only $7.50 each for all 3 they are $23 and before that much money you could only buy 1 doll but NOW you can buy 3 dolls $23 my mom thinks that’s awesome so I could get 3 dolls in one day yayay awesome I want more raven dolls.

  14. I really want the other Dragon Games dolls I have the Darling to the Dragon Games line. But I really want the others so badly. I need them. I also want the trio pack w/ Lizzie Hunter and Cerise. I also want the Courtly Jester doll, I have all of the Way Too Wonderland dolls but Courtly and Briar so badly.

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