Ever After High First Chapter Dolls

Have you seen these “First Chapter” dolls that Amazon is posting? They are a collection of Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter. The only new thing about them, though, is their facial mold is different. They are smiling!

The dolls can be found on Amazon here: Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter.

I’ve ordered the Apple White doll to see if they really do have these facial molds, or if this is a change that might be coming. She is expected to arrive on Saturday, so I’ll let you know what I get!

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6 thoughts on “Ever After High First Chapter Dolls”

  1. Hmm, still not a fan of Maddie’s. She looks completely normal. That’s not a good thing – she’s so wonderfully charismatic on the show and that doll looks like a Barbie wearing a Maddie Halloween costume. Boo.

    I do think a Raven is an improvement actually. :) can’t wait to see the new pics.

    1. Normal is not the word I word have used. Maybe it’s that the mouths are too wide for their faces, but Apple and Maddie look more like Stepford Housewives to me. I guess they were worried people thought the dolls had too much of an attitude in their previous designs, but this iteration following those just feels creepy and off-putting for me.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see more smiling sculpts! But I’d like them to look a bit more natural with the sculpt they are on.

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