Fall Doll News ~ Monster High

I’ve been gone to trainings for my “real” job, so I haven’t had a chance to update the site with the latest Monster High doll news.

New doll for the Fall 2014 line have started appearing in Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and Justice Stores. Almost all of the Freaky Fusion dolls have been spotted in these stores. The FF line includes Dracubecca (my personal favorite), Cleolei (a close #2), Clawvenus, Lagoonafire, and Neighthan Rot. Target stores are getting in shipments of the Ghoul Sports dolls, as well as the Zombie Shake dolls.

We’ve seen some dolls images popping up for new dolls and it is getting exciting! I’m not sure if these are Fall dolls or later?

The Save Frankie line is supposed to tie in with the Freaky Fusion movie; there are three dolls in this line. Jackson features stitches on his cheek, Draculaura has stitches on her heart birthmark, and Clawdeen has a lightning bolt on her eye.

This line just popped up today. It looks to be another wave of Swim Class, this time with Jinafire, Clawdeen, and SPECTRA! (FINALLY a swim Spectra!)

venivididolli:</p><br />
<p>miwadake:</p><br />
<p>the-wolfbats:</p><br />
<p>parrotbeak:</p><br />
<p>caprichomonster:</p><br />
<p>Swim Class Wave 3&#160;??</p><br />
<p>Holy shit, let this be real?is this real? I see things that point to it being real! Hot damn, these dolls are goregeous!</p><br />
<p>That’s a badass potential Spectra. I’m also happy to see that dolls for Jinafire and Skeletia are not falling by the wayside.</p><br />
<p>OH FUCK</p><br />
<p>Clawdeen and Spectra aren’t that spectacular, because they’re nothing we haven’t pretty much seen already, but I NEED that Jinafire. </p><br />

Another fairly new discovery is this 4-pack that include the entire Wolf family. I love this Clawdia, but I’m not sure about the rest of them….
<p>Pic found on FB, credited to Monster High Nuket  - will translate in a sec<br />

Images of the Inner Monster CAM dolls are also popping up, making some people very excited.

Here is the Monster High Inner Monster Mood Accessory Set:
<p>Monster High Inner Monster Mood Accessory Set<br />

The next line is the I <3 Accessories line that features Operetta and Skelita. I love the Luchador look that Skelia is sporting!
The new Coffin Bean dolls should be popping up soon, too. I can’t wait to get this Venus doll!
<p>sooo apparently these gorgeous dolls were spotted at toys r us! :o definitely getting venus

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