Freaky Fusion Hybrids dolls

Our friends over at Toot’s Toys sent us these images of the new Freaky Fusion characters in their boxes. I’ve chose to wait on these (I need something to hunt for this summer, right?) But I wanted to bring these photos straight to you, so: 

 Bonita Femur is a pink moth-skelton hybrid! CIMG5091CIMG5093Notice her bug eyes? Her mouth resembles that of Skelita and the Skeleton CAM. It looks like she has detailing on her neck, so I’m hoping for a super stylized body, like Skelita’s. Her outfit is a long sleeve dress with moth print. She has a BRIGHT yellow belt, also featuring a moth.  Her shoes look like they match that bright yellow color. Her legs also feature detailing!


 Sirena Von Boo is the hybrid of a ghost and a mermaid. Wonder how that happened? She has this amazing shimmer to her face and body that the good people at Toot’s describe as amazing! They say that she does not appear to glow in the dark, though they haven’t actually tried her out.

I love Sirena’s big pouty lips! I hope that purple hair is super soft like Spectra’s! I also LOVE the detailing on her arm and her little fin hands! I haven’t noticed her top before (I’ve been so busy with that tail!), but it is super cute too!


Avea Trotter is the one that most everyone is excited for. I’m happy to see her, but I’m more of a Harpy person than a Centaur lover, myself. I love any doll with those large ears, though! Her make-up is interesting, and nods more to the insect theme of Bonita (in my opinion).  I love those wings!

There they are! The three new Hybrids. Toot’s is completely sold out right now, but they are expecting another order in shortly, so it you want to pick them up, bookmark this page. 

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One thought on “Freaky Fusion Hybrids dolls”


    I think I will actually have to have this WHOLE line! Thanks for sharing the awesome pics, Raye! Your blog is so great for stuff like this! I just love the feathery-looking eye makeup on Avea, that’s such a fun detail to add to her Harpy side!

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