Friday SDCC Reveals!

No work for me today! I can update this thread live as new information comes out!

From Monster High on Facebook: Anything lurk freakishly familiar? Check back soon to find out who’s re-opening their coffins at San Diego’s Comic-Con!
Twitter: We’re bringing a few classic looks out of the catacombs for ! Stay tuned for the bone chilling reveal!
Instagram: Talk about #FlashbackFriday! Can you piece together who’s gearing up for today’s UHHH-mazing #SDCC2014 reveal? #MonsterHigh #FriendsForever

Thanks to mgmve on tumblr, we now know that this will be an online exclusive 6-pack:

“Original Ghouls Collection will be online exclusive. It will be available as a bundle with all 6, but Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen and Cleo will also be offered individually (with Lagoona and Ghoulia remaining exclusive to the bundle version). The individuals will retail for $15, I believe the bundle will be $80″


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One thought on “Friday SDCC Reveals!”

  1. Great, all I really want is Ghoulia, though I’m cool with Cleo and Lagoona too, and I would have to buy a whole bundle. Is this what they’ll really look like, because something seems a bit off. Like, Clawdeen’s boots are too purple, and Lagoona’s hair and lipstick seem different.

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