Guest Review ~ Dexter Charming ~ Thanks Dane!

A good friend of mine recently purchased a Dexter Charming doll and has been kind enough to do a guest review for us! Please welcome my friend, Dane!

Dane here, doing a guest review on Prince Dexterous Charming, better known as Dexter.

Dexter is the middle child of King Charming. Younger brother to Daring, older brother to Darling. Unlike Daring, Dexter’s story is not as destined. He knows he’ll be someone’s Prince Charming, but not whose, or in what story.

Pic 1

Dexter is packaged much like all other Ever After High dolls. His book styled box is in his signature shade of blue, as is his Royal bookmark. There’s no hairbrush, but who would try to tame this future ruler’s unruly ‘do?

Pic 2

The back of the box contains all the details you’ve been daydreaming to know since you first laid eyes on Dexter, and concealed inside is a golden based stand with the clear post and clip.

Pic 3

A gold crown encircles Dexter’s head. His brown hair is mostly styled downwards with an adorable, gravity defying flip in the front. His black glasses do little to conceal those blue eyes. He wears a grey printed shirt underneath a blue blazer trimmed in gold. An infinity scarf circles his neck and a gold pin adorns his left lapel.

Pic 4

His grey jeans lead down to his dark blue hi-tops with white soles. Dexter’s one strap backpack is very detailed with lots of scuffs, an “EA” emblem, and a crest.

Pic 5

I feel I must warn you before you view this last photo, he is not wearing his glasses, so please proceed with caution, because as the story goes, his blue eyes are known to make people swoon.

Pic 6

I think Dexter is a doll that is definitely worth tracking down. Don’t you agree?

I do agree, Dane! Thanks for writing up this review and sharing photos of your Dexter doll with us!

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2 thoughts on “Guest Review ~ Dexter Charming ~ Thanks Dane!”

  1. Nice review! Dexter looks a lot better here, the promo was pretty bad…
    but if I get him I’ll have to get raven and cupid! >_<
    I really can't wait to see Daring, I hope he comes out soon.

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