Here comes new dolls!

Have you been able to catch the Monster High Brand-Boo Students as they appear on Amazon? We happened to accidentally navigate to the page just as Batsy Claro and Isi Dawndancer were available. We haven’t been able to find Kjersti Trollsøn. Those dolls should arrive on Monday.

Have you seen the new Ever After High dolls?

These images come to us courtesy of Toot’s Toys. Each image is linked to their page on the Toot’s Toys store. Toot’s is expecting their shipment to arrive sometime this week.

I can’t wait to get all six of these new characters! I think I am most excited for Batsy Claro. She is just SO beautiful! What about you? Are you grabbing any of these six? Which are you most excited to see?

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7 thoughts on “Here comes new dolls!”

  1. Batsty! She’s so pretty in pics. I hope it translates over to her in person just as well. Isi and Melody come in second and third. Love Isi’s look and Melody’s hair~ and tattoos!!! So excited!

    Justine will be lovely and I’ll probably snag her at some point. The other two… Have to see how the pink works. So many pink dolls! Ug!

    1. Batsy is my most wanted, too! I am so excited! I’m leaving town tomorrow, so if they come in on Friday, I have to wait until I get back into town to see them!

  2. I’m planning on grabbing Justine ASAP- yay for dark-skinned dolls! But after that Isi and Melody are on the list- I just hope I can find a Melody with a fringe that I like; I suspect it’s going to be like how I only got Cerise about 6 months ago because I was being super picky about the colour balance in her hair ;p

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