I lied…. new EAH Doll Reviews coming

Thanks to the amazing folks at Toot’s Toys, we recently acquired an Alistar doll and our Rosabella Beauty doll is in the mail! We’ve also picked up Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire. I owe you guys tons of photos! I promise we will get those out soon. As we have Alistar, Lizzie, and Kitty in-hand right now, do you have a preference as to who you’d like to see first?

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6 thoughts on “I lied…. new EAH Doll Reviews coming”

  1. I’m such a lax commenter and I’m so sorry! I just adore your blog and the wonderful, detailed reviews!

    If I might be so bold and since you were kind enough to put the question to your readers, might I request a look at Alistair? I’d absolutely adore any review (even if it turns out I’m meh on the doll itself) though.

    Thanks and I’ll get better with my commenting! >_<

  2. No idea who should come first, but I’m thrilled you’ll be reviewing these dolls! I always enjoy your detailed opinions and photos. I’m on the fence about Alistair and WTW Kitty, and I’m sure your reviews will help me decide.

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