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The Inner Monster dolls are everywhere! Toot’s Toys has them in-stock. Target and Toys R Us stores across the U.S. are getting the Inner Monster dolls in stock. Amazon keeps popping them up every now-and-then. I’ll be honest. I bought one doll from Amazon thinking I’d be okay with just that one. I purchased what I thought was the blue doll. I don’t know their names, so I ordered by picture. Well…. blue isn’t what I got. Mattel must have sent out the wrong stock photos attached to “Spooky Sweet ‘n Frightfully Fierce” and “Scared Silly ‘n Shockingly Shy.” I say that because Target’s website had the same issue. Amazon has fixed it (since I complained) but still. I ordered what I thought was Blue and ended up with Orange. So back to Amazon I go and order the other two dolls I was missing, because why not?!

Enter Toot’s Toys who recently got the Mood Packs in-stock. I figure “You’ve already ordered all three dolls, why not order all three mood packs?!” And they came in today! I’m super excited to share these details of the Mood Packs with you: 

The first one I want to share is the Pink Monster: Fearfully Feisty!
Pink Pack 1


Fearfully Feisty Mood Pack comes with a yellow-to-orange gradient (soft) plastic wig, new faceplate, halter-style dress, arm and leg flames, shoes, and four new emotions to place inside. (NOTE: Those wings belong to the stock doll, not the mood pack) I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of these emotions that go inside. You can’t see them! What is the big deal? Plus, they are so small, I can barely tell what some of them are.

These dolls all have three different eyes that can really change the doll’s appearance. Couple that with a new faceplate, and you’ve got an entirely different doll. Seriously, no faceplate x3 eyes + first faceplate x3 eyes + new mood pack faceplate x3 eyes gives you NINE DIFFERENT LOOKS! That’s too much to keep up with! Check out this faceplate with the three different eyes:

That’s creepy! She looks like she is going to murder you in the middle of the night. Note to self: Don’t show this one to hubby.

Pink Pack 5

Fearfully Feisty also comes with a new pair of shoes. NEW SHOES! Who doesn’t love new shoes? These are bright red (and SEMI-translucent) with red flames and a blue heart/flame heel.

Pink Pack 6Her halter dress has little flaming skullettes and sticks of dynamite on a background of blue flames. You can also see her flame arm accessory here.

In my opinion, this doll is the least desirable of the three. I don’t like her stock look and her Mood Pack just creeps me out.  If I was buying from the store, I probably would have left her behind.


Next up is Spooky Sweet!
Blue Pack 1

This is the doll that I originally wanted the most. She was the only one I was going to order. And then Amazon happened. But that was a happy accident! This doll comes stock with a blue wig that just won’t cooperate with me! It’s almost like the wig is too small, but it fits the other Inner Monsters, and Blue can wear their wigs just fine. Sorry, back to this mood pack.

The Spooky Sweet Mood Pack comes with a yellow plastic wig, faceplate, halter dress, dripping sweet arm and leg accessories, new shoes, and four new emotions.

This is another miss for the faceplate. She doesn’t seem to have a set of eyes that match it, or correspond to it, or even just complement it.

What is going on there? I think it is that blank expression that she has that lends this to be another miss. The hair is kinda cute, though, and it goes with the dripping sweet theme. If you display your dolls by theme, she’d totally fit in with the Sweet Screams ghouls.

Blue Pack 5

Her shoes are just amazing! They are the same yellow (okay… ALMOST the same) as her wig. I see little lollipops and dripping sweet goo. Yum!

Blue Pack 7

Her leg braces match her arm accessory. There is a small white portion like the whipped cream on top of a treat. I like these!Blue Pack 6

Here are her arm accessories and dress. This dress is a little different than the Feisty dress, but is still a halter top. I wonder if they are trying to let you see some of that Inner Skeleton? It’s a shame to go to all of that trouble and cover it up!

Last, but most certainly not least, is Scared Silly.

Orange Pack 2

Who couldn’t love this doll! She was a disappointment to me at first, because I didn’t think I wanted her, but those side-glancing eyes! And this mood pack! Oh! I’m in love! No doubt about it, she is the best Inner Monster!

Her mood pack comes with green plastic wig (look at those buns!), ADORABLE faceplate (with her tongue sticking out!), halter dress (that collar!), purple octopus-leg-accessories for her arms and legs, new shoes, and four new emotions.

Now her emotions I did change out, just because I liked the little joker hat that came with this pack. That and one of the stock emotions is a skulette sticking its tongue out.

Orange Pack 8

This doll has SO much emotion! Look at how all three of her eyes complement that faceplate!

I’m in love!

Orange Pack 6

Her shoes are green (slightly more off than her wig) with little ruffles? And a flower? Maybe to tickle her feet to make her more silly. The heels are also octopus legs.

Orange Pack 7Her dress features that adorable collar (almost like a jester’s outfit). It is all one-piece with a matching purple stripe to look like a belt. There are two layers to the skirt. The print features little skulettes with their tongues out!

Seriously! She is just too cute!

If you are going to buy the Inner Monsters, you NEED the corresponding mood packs. You can still change the eyes by pressing on the top of the head, no need to remove the plastic wigs. These new wigs do an excellent job of covering up the place where the faceplate snaps on. With the haired wigs, you can see a noticeable difference where the plate attaches. There is no denying they are wearing a mask with those wigs. Another downfall of the haired wigs is that cap! Those clear plastic wig caps show on the purple wig (Scared Silly) and the blue wig (Spooky Sweet). The cap for the pink wig doesn’t show at all.

Go grab some Inner Monsters! Make sure to pick up their mood packs, though, because you’ll be doubling the fun! (Plus, who doesn’t need more shoes and dresses?!)

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3 thoughts on “Inner Monster Mood Packs”

  1. My 5 yr old granddaughter is having surgery on Oct 3rd. She loves to play with her monster high dolls. She will be recovering for 6-8 wks which is a long time for a yr old. She has no monster high boy dolls & the one she wants is Manny Taur. Can U plz help me find him?

    1. Unfortunately, the only place really to get him is eBay. He was a special SDCC exclusive doll and is now only available through a third party. I don’t have one to offer. I apologize. Good luck, though!

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