Legacy Day Wave 2 ~ Ashlynn, Maddie, and Cerise

My friend, joey from the MH Arena received these dolls in the mail today. He pre-ordered them from amazon.ca and they suprisingly arrived today! He says “I’m an nib collector so I can’t really compare them by touch. I think they’re great and Maddie is probably my favourite!” He did snap a few photos for me, and he has agreed to give us the first look! Check them out:

Here they are straight out of their shipping box! How exciting!
LD - Maddie (5)

First up is Legacy Day Maddie. She is packaged with her teal and purple hair in a ponytail (or other such up-do) with a top-hat headband. Her cute outfit includes a 3/4 sleeve jacket, golden earrings and a necklace, and white cuffs with little pink bows.
LD - Maddie (1)

Maddie wears black gloves (black molded hands) with a long purse that resembles a tea bag? This photo also shows off the multiple layers of her skirt. She has a top gold mesh, a shiny purple layer with golden flecks below that, a purple with gold design below that, and a black mesh with gold glitter/sparkles on the bottom.

LD - Maddie (2)

Maddie’s  stockings are either tan or light blue with golden vertical lines running down them. Her shoes have been seeing on taobao (Chinese auction site) before. Here, we can see that there are four cups, purple, blue, dark/antique gold, and lighter gold.

LD - Maddie (3)

And here is the entire outfit, showing off what looks like blue capri pants below her skirt layers.LD - Maddie (4)

You know I am most excited about Ashlynn Ella! Joey snapped this photo of Ashlynn where you can see her pink and gold crown, light blue earrings, gold and pink necklace, and make-up. I love her!
LD-Ash (1)

Ashlynn comes with a gold bracelet and gold/pink purse.LD-Ash (2)

I am less impressed with her shoes. I feel like I’ve seen this pair on taobao, too, but there are several variations on this theme right now.
Ashlynn also wears black fishnet-style stockings with gold glitter/flecks in them.
LD-Ash (3)

Here is Ashlynn’s outfit. Her teal blue dress has a gold design on the top and just shimmers on the bottom. The bottom skirt is knee-length, with the overskirt flowing down to her calves. I can’t tell from the in-box photos how the cape is arranged or changed.LD-Ash (4)

Legacy Day Cerise has the grey fur around her hood (unfortunately) and a really cute face! I think this is version 2’s face, and I am so excited about that! I love version 2’s face! Her bangs are super cute, too! She looks like she has a silver hair accessory, too.

LD-Cerise (1)

Her purse is a brown bag with a red handle. She has a brown bracelet and a black bracelet. No one taught her to not mix browns/blacks in her fashion.
LD-Cerise (2)

Cerise wears red stockings (!!) and cute black boots with chains. One of these chains have been accented in silver paint. 
LD-Cerise (3)

Cerise’s outfit is a sleeveless plaid dress. I think the dress is very cute, but would probably look better without that grey hood. I can’t see from the in-box photos, but it looks like her LD hood is very similar to her signature hood in its pattern. She has a belt that is reminiscent to her signature look, too. The skirt on her dress has a lace pattern. Judging from the fact that it also visible from the back, I imagine this is printed on, not sewn on. 
LD-Cerise (4)

Here are the UPC Codes from top to bottom Ashlynn, Cerise and Maddie:

I am super excited for these dolls to make it to the U.S. and into my collection! I am most looking forward to a singular-release Ashlynn, but I am surprised how much I am looking forward to Cerise! I might have to buy two so that I can customize that hood with white fur.

What do you think? Are you excited for their release, too?

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3 thoughts on “Legacy Day Wave 2 ~ Ashlynn, Maddie, and Cerise”

  1. Well, IMO Maddie is flawless– her shoes are perfect, her outfit is probably my favorite thing to come out of EAH thus far, and the level of detail on her doll blows me away!

    I actually like Cerise’s hood, although I’m not completely crazy about the pattern on the actual cape part (what’s wrong with a little variation?) Her dress however is kind of disappointing… I dunno, the top part just looks very frumpy and not good, I would have vastly preferred it if she had SOME kind of sleeves. I love her faceup though, and I think the red tights are such a cute touch!

    I was most excited for Ashlynn, (I’m completely in love with her character, design, and doll) but to be honest I’m the most disappointed in her. I don’t like how her crown is pink instead of that beautiful golden tiara she had in the webisodes and the skirt of her dress is so plain and boring! It just doesn’t fit with the fancy, elaborate style of LD (and in the webisode she has a much poofier, intricately patterned skirt that looks about 10000x better), also it’s going to really limit her mobility from what I can tell…. And, just to be picky, I wish she had longer sleeves, and better shoes (she’s the daughter of CINDERELLA for goodness’ sake!!) I would have preferred shoes that were clear plastic, and as intricate as her sig shoes– like she were actually wearing her glass slippers to the LD ceremony… On the positive side, I love her faceup and her other accessories are lovely. Of course I’ll get her, but I still wish they had changed some things.

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