Maddie 17-inch doll ~

The 17-inch Maddie that was leaked yesterday has made her way to the Mattelshop.

Ever After High®™ Madeline Hatter™ Large Scale Doll

Item #: DMW62
At 17 inches, this gorgeous doll offers fableous detail in an extra-large size.
Dressed in her iconic outfit, fans of Ever After High™ will love telling tall tales with this colorful teenage daughter of a fairytale legend.
Stands 17 inches tall!
Package size: 17“ Tall, 10“ Wide

I was so hoping that more dolls would be made on this scale, but right now, it is only Maddie that is listed. PLEASE MATTEL! DON’T STOP THERE! We need more of these larger dolls!

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5 thoughts on “Maddie 17-inch doll ~”

  1. Wow! I thought this doll was a fake I’m happy to see it’s not!
    However I’ll only get one if they come out with a character I like, I’m not really a fan of maddy hatter….

    1. I’m pretty sure this will be the only one released (at least in this wave). I’m super sad to see that it was just her posted this morning on the Mattel Shop.

  2. Hmm, I think I’ll have to pass. She’s in the same outfit I already have and there’s something about her that seems very “super model” and not the Maddie I know and love (she’s my favorite character). She looks too chic for my Maddie lol!

  3. I got the 17 inch Frankie Stein first and I was HOOKED. I had to have them all. I’m super glad I did. Although Maddie isn’t my fave Ever After High doll, they really really raised the bar with articulation. The only con is her head. It’s seriously bigger than her torso. Not a dealbreaker, though. If you’re a fan of MH or EAH, you’ll seriously kick yourself if you don’t get at least one of the dolls.

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