Mattel’s Monster High Showcase

This morning was Mattel’s big blogger showcase where they let us in and we tour the showroom floor. I know everyone wants to see these photos, so I’ll post Monster High first and then I’ll get Ever After High, Barbie, and some Frozen up in their own separate posts. So let’s get to these photos:

Mattel is very proud to be bringing Monster High to Mega Bloks. Do you know how I know this? Because they showcased them BOTH in the Mega Bloks area AND in the Monster High area. I’m just super excited that Ghoulia gets a figure AND a playset! How cool! The playsets were up in the Mega Bloks area, and it looks like someone is missing. The last playset looks like it is supposed to have a Draculaura figurine, but she is missing! Uh-oh! The individual rooms (like the one that is missing its Draculaura) should retail around $14.99. I thought it interesting to note that there are already multiple Cleos. The set shown in the showroom is the Skullection set, and it will retail for $3.99 each. Characters sold separately.

Mega  (1)Mega  (2)Mega  (3)Mega  (4)Mega  (6)Mega  (7)Mega  (9)Mega  (10)Mega  (11)Mega  (12)

I’ve already shown you a few Gooliope photos, but she is just amazing beyond words. Seriously, photos cannot do her beauty justice. You must see her!

Gooliope (1)Gooliope (2)Gooliope (3)Gooliope (4)Gooliope (5)Gooliope (6)Gooliope (7)Gooliope (10)

Off a little bit from Gooliope was the other Monster High 17-inch dolls. Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura have become massive! The representative said that Mattel is playing with scale, so they’ve scaled these dolls up (and the centaurs are the scaled down). The dolls come in their signature looks which the representative reports has always sold well for Mattel. They are super articulated and I can’t wait to get my hands on at least one of these four (3 + Gooliope) dolls. The rep said that at this time there are no further plans to make more of the large dolls, but that if they sell well, there might be a continuation of the line. These dolls will also retail for $29.99.

17 inch core dolls (1)17 inch core dolls (2)17 inch core dolls (3)17 inch core dolls (4)17 inch core dolls (5)17 inch core dolls (10)17 inch core dolls (6)17 inch core dolls (7)17 inch core dolls (8)17 inch core dolls (9)

The Monster High Centaurs are next. (These are not being called the Frightmares) They will retail for $9.99. These are cute. They have articulation at the neck and legs, but the representative said not at the shoulders. I don’t know if that’s just a prototype thing or if the actual dolls will lack that articulation. They did have nice soft rooted hair, though.

Frightmares (1)Frightmares (2)Frightmares (6)Frightmares (3)Frightmares (4)

The Freak Du Chic dolls were next on our tour of the area. They showcased the four larger box dolls (retailing for $19.99). Featured here are Jinafire, Frankie (So much love for this doll!), Toralei, and Honey. I tried to get good shots of their details. Did I mention I love that Frankie doll?

Freak du Chic (1)Freak du Chic (2)Freak du Chic (3)Freak du Chic (4)Freak du Chic (5)Freak du Chic (6)Freak du Chic (7)Freak du Chic (8)Freak du Chic (9)Freak du Chic (10)Freak du Chic (11)Freak du Chic (12)Freak du Chic (13)Freak du Chic (14)Freak du Chic (15)

They also had a small set-up of the Haunted dolls, but since we’ve seen them all already (and already have them in-hand) I skipped photographing them. I hope you don’t feel cheated.

Boo York Boo York was next! Oh wow! And since I’m in Boo York, I thought I should be able to take one home, you know, it being my first trip and all. Apparently that wasn’t going to happen. Oh well. The dolls are beautiful! Luna has a gorgeous face, Elle Dee is a beautiful robot (look at her ankles!!!), and Mousades just steals the show. Seriously, she is too adorable! I would almost bet that Elle Dee has a Spectra face.

Boo York (1)Boo York (2)Boo York (3)Boo York (10)Boo York (6)Boo York (7)Boo York (12)Boo York (8)Boo York (9)Boo York (11)

Near them was the Cleo and Deuce 2-pack from the Boo York musical. I hear rumors that they are breaking up in this musical? Say it ain’t so!

Boo York (13)Boo York (14)Boo York (15)Boo York (16)Boo York (17)

The next doll was the Astronova doll. She is the daughter of the Comet King. This ghoul comes complete with her own playset that offers “suspenseful” play and display. Astronova and I became VERY good friends. I seemed to be the only person there (including the rep at times) that could get her to cooperate with me. Astro has a magnet at the top of her head (that causes her to be VERY heavy) that interacts with the playset. There is a little plastic piece you will see in action that you put between her and the playset.Boo York (5)
This allows the magnets to interact without her actually being attached to the playset; it gives her that suspended look.
Atra Nova (1)
This is not easy, because the magnets are so strong that she wants to get attached to the top of the playset.
Atra Nova (8)
Just look at that face! I couldn’t stop photographing her! I can’t believe how beautiful she is!

Atra Nova (3)Atra Nova (6)Atra Nova (5)Atra Nova (7)Boo York (4)

And I know you’ve already seen my Gooliope and Astronova comparison photos. Super huge thanks to the Mattel rep for allowing me to run off with Astronova to take these shots! I also did a little comparison to the centaurs. Astronova and I became such good friends!

Frightmares (7)

Just beyond all this fun was the Monster High school playset. This thing is massive! It has a retail price of $150! Whoa! I only snapped this one photo. There was so much going on with this playset, though!

High School Playset

Mattel also brought some of their new vinyls figurines. Some of these are out in stores already, but wave 2 featuring Skelita and Spectra are new!

Vinyls (1)Vinyls (2)

So concludes our Monster High coverage! Mattel has a second (completely separate) booth at Toy Fair, but that is just for buyers. They won’t allow press into that booth and photos are not allowed in that area. I respected their wishes and you will not find any photos from that area on my blog.
P.S. Dear Mattel, if you wanted more press, you would let us take photos of that stuff, too. We’d like to see what’s up-and-coming. How do they look in the box? We are going to see them on shelves anyways, so why hide it? We aren’t buying the elaborate set-up you’ve created upstairs. We are buying those dolls in those boxes. So let us see them!

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3 thoughts on “Mattel’s Monster High Showcase”

  1. Amazing post. I am IN LOVE with the megablocks…they are so cute! Gosh, so many beautiful new MH dolls, it’s almost overwhelming for anyone that wants to collect them. :) Luna is gorgeous! The Cleo that comes in the 2 pack is stunning as well. I love the knee articulation in the 17in dolls appear to have. It will be awesome to see them when they hit stores. Great review!

  2. Since unless I am wrong didn’t Toots invite you so were you able to at least see into the other room. Could you at least say what you saw? Was there anything sweetsunnyb missed as far as MH or EAH? Did they have anything Disney Princess back there? #dyingtoknow

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