Monster High ~ Luna Mothews Review

OMG! How long has it been! I feel like we haven’t gotten new dolls in forever! I always hate the lull after Christmas. But fear not! It is now time for the new summer lines to start popping up! The first releases are the Monster High Gala Ghoulfriends dolls – Luna Mothews, Elle Eedee, and Mouscedes King. Our good friends at hooked us up with a Luna Mothews doll to start our reviews!

Luna Mothews ~ Review

What do you think? Shall we dive in to this review?

Luna is a new character for the Boo York Boo York musical that will be coming out this fall. The box advertises for a soundtrack that I imagine will be available as we get closer to the release of the movie.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
The boxes have been slightly redesigned for the new line. The back of the box details some about the plot of the movie, as well as advertising for Matttel’s Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook social media outlets.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Here is the plot for the movie. I got to meet this Comet Ghoul (Astranova) at Toy Fair and she is my most anticipated new doll of the MH releases! I can’t wait to get her!

Luna Mothews ~ Review
The box features ADORABLE art of Luna! I am seriously loving the art that comes with our dolls :)

Luna Mothews ~ Review
The bottom cardboard of Luna’s box features this graphic of how to move her wings. This is a similar mechanism to the Mia and Me doll. I love it!

Luna Mothews ~ Review
The box hides Luna’s stand, brush, and diary behind that large piece on the left side.

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
Luna’s stand and brush feature this awesome pattern! It reminds me of the way Astranova’s legs were.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
How about we actually look at that doll, now?

Boo York (10)Boo York (2)
When I saw Luna at Toy Fair, she was the least impressive of the three dolls. I don’t remember seeing some of the details that made it to the final doll (which is normally the exact OPPOSITE of what I’m saying right about now)

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Luna comes with this accessory that frames her face. It is large and attached through holes in her “ears”

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Here is that accessory detached from her face.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Here are Luna’s “ears” along with the earring hole that is used to attach that accessory. What do I even call that thing?
You can also see that there are two strands of hair that frame Luna’s face on either side. On my doll, this is rooted rather far from her normal hairline. You can only see it in this view.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Luna’s black and red hair is styled in high pigtails.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
Luna has two antenna that are attached to her head. They are made of hard plastic, but because of their size will flex a small amount. Luna has red bug eyes with a hexagon tessellation inside her pupil. She wears dark black lipstick. Her eyebrows stop and have a circle on the end.

I tried to be super careful in selecting a doll with straight eyes, but most of the dolls have their right (our left) eye higher than the other, or both eyes don’t focus on the same direction. Most all of them have this upward gaze.

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
THIS FEATURE right here is the entire reason I chose Luna Mothews to review. These wings are just amazing! I love the articulation in them!

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
The wings are detachable. This is not a CAM-stlye peg, though. It is also not compatible with Bonita’s wings.

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
Luna wears this mesh… ummm… it’s not really a shawl. Umm… collar thingie?

Luna Mothews ~ Review
I much prefer how she looks without that piece (and without that head accessory). Look how amazing that train is!

Luna Mothews ~ Review
The red piece is the body of the train.

Luna Mothews ~ Review
This is the backside of the train. How awesome!

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
Remove the piece with the awesome train and Luna is wearing a strapless black jumpsuit. It goes all the way down to her toes!

Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review
Luna wears these awesome silver shoes. They have moths/butterflies that extend around the shoe part and flurries of smaller moths/butterflies flying up from the base.

All of those things are super amazing, but the most amazing part of Luna is what lies underneath all those beautiful clothes. Look at this unique body molding!
Luna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ ReviewLuna Mothews ~ Review

I mean really! Look at her!
Luna Mothews ~ Review

The only (minor) complaint I have with her is that she wears A LOT of black. That’s not a bad thing, but for a pale doll it might cause problems in the future.
Luna Mothews ~ Review
My doll came out of the box with these slight black marks under her chin. While not major (and probably easily removable), it does cause me to take pause about her in this all black jumpsuit. I wonder if after they’ve sat in boxes for MUCH longer, if they will have staining from that jumpsuit?

Luna Mothews ~ Review
That’s Luna! In her diary, Luna is attracted to stardom. She is a from Boo Jersey and comes to Boo York to chase stardom. In the meantime, she works at a pizza place and she is working at the gala.

I’ll probably be picking up the other two dolls later. I thought I would be able to pass on them, but the thrill of new dolls is just amazing! What do you think about Luna? Will you be adding her to your collection?

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9 thoughts on “Monster High ~ Luna Mothews Review”

  1. Wow, Luna’s body mold is awesome! I think she’s really cool and I love that they incorporated a “daughter of the Mothman” into this doll line That is just too good. I’m not crazy about her hair, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the re-rooting and customization projects all over instagram that will probably be popping up soon. I think the prototype Luna with the straight eyes looks so good though, so you’re probably right that hand-picking these dolls is the best bet for finding a good one.
    I originally thought Luna was going to be my favorite, but I think I am even more excited about Elle!

  2. Yep, my original feelings are the same: she’s easily my favorite of the three newbies. I love every bit of her!

    If the clothes haven’t stained yet, they probably won’t. I think that usually happens when they’re fresh and doesn’t get worse over time. I’ve never had additional stains appear on a doll after I’ve inspected the body the first time.

  3. I’m going to be adding her to my collection for sure! With all that great body detail, I’m getting her a new outfit- likely a black minidress from an Etsy seller I like. That way, she can keep that gorgeous train incorporated in her getup!

    Claw some review as always :)

  4. Also, I have to admit I prefer her new eyes as opposed to those on the prototype. They give her this hopeful expression befitting of an aspiring star. And her goth style is too perfect.

  5. Looking forward to the new MH dolls, and this review of Luna shows they aren’t going to disappoint. The fun thing about the line is the body details that really emphasize the “monster” and separate them from “regular” dolls like EAH, which is why they appeal and are added to my collection whereas EAH are not.

    Her hair does seem a bit course. Is it? But I like the pigtails; that is different than most other MH dolls, which makes her even more distinctive.

    The outfit is quite good, and I like how the line is really doing different things. It makes the dolls more fun.

  6. If I really have to get an MH doll, it might be this one, mostly because I love her bodysuit. Thanks for this amazing review!

  7. In the movie her hair looked purple with red, kinda disappointed it’s not the same for the doll version.

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