More Equestria Girls ~ Toy Fair 2014

Again, SUPER huge thanks to @stitchkingdom for these photos. They all come from @stitchkingdom on Instagram and on their corresponding tumblr. Thanks for sharing!

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2 thoughts on “More Equestria Girls ~ Toy Fair 2014”

  1. I wasn’t completely sold on Rainbow Rocks. I wasn’t sure I wanted all the characters, because the poseability seems lacking compared to the prices. But these photos have convinced me that I’ll end up with at least one version of each character. The inclusion of Octavia, Photo Finish and ZECORA OMG has me very excited to see these.

    My only issue is that they need to get them out on the shelves already. The only ones I’ve seen are the singing ones and I don’t want those two.

    1. I totally agree! The Rainbow Rocks I’ve seen on shelves right now just look cheap or they are too gimmicky.

      I’m LOVING the Zecora doll! I’m also excited for Photo Finish and whoever that yellow pony with blue hair is. Is that supposed to be Fluttershy? I also love the car, but since I’m running out of space, I’ll probably have to pass. The doll that comes with it also looks interesting.

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