My Ballerina Dolls ~ The Nutcracker Collection

Meet the My Ballerina Dolls. These dolls are designed by an actual ballerina and are fully articulated so that they can strike the dramatic ballet poses. There are three dolls scheduled for the line-up: Dream Clara Marie, Nutcracker Prince, and Party Clara Marie. There is also a book scheduled to come out that retells the story just a little bit. The Nutcracker will take on a new identity to reflect the younger audience for these dolls.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

These dolls are 23-inches tall and come in BEAUTIFUL attire!

This is Dream Clara Marie:
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

She comes packaged with a little nutcracker in her arms. The amount of detailing on this little piece is just phenomenal.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

Clara has inset eyes and amazingly soft hair.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

Her face and articulation make for great poses like this:
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

Something I haven’t mentioned yet are her shoes. I didn’t get a good photo of them, but her ballet shoes aren’t traditional slippers. They are actually like ballet boots! How awesome!

Party Clara Marie comes in this beautiful teal dress with neverending ruffles. This material is so soft and so nice. She will come packaged with a little nutcracker as well.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

Last, but certainly not least, is the Nutcracker Prince. You’ll have to get the book and read it, but I’ll give you a little teaser: The Nutcracker isn’t who he traditionally was in the original story.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

The doll features a removable Nutcracker head.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015

The final retail price on these dolls will be around $70-80 (I cannot remember the exact price point). I thought I remember the representative saying that these dolls were made of plastic. Received an e-mail from the company. They will retail for between $79 and $89. Theye are made from a polyurethane synthetic resin. He reiterated multiple times that these were play dolls, not just for collectors. They could take a fall or a light beating and still hold up.

We hope to partner with My Ballerina Dolls to do a review of one of these dolls when they are released. They are looking at a fall release so that dolls will be available for Christmas.

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  1. Trying to find the prince. I can find Clara Marie on the Wooden Soldier website (where I first found them) and on Amazon but the Prince seems no longer available. Any advice?

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