New dolls!

November means new doll time! We’ve gotten a wave of new releases in and I’ve been flooded with new dolls on my shelves!
We’ve got MH Isi Dawndancer, Batsy Claro, Kjersti Trollson; EAH TriCastleon, Justine Dancer, Melody Piper, Farrah Goodfairy, Dragon Games Raven, Darling, Holly, and Apple/Braeburn, Book Party Ginger; and Star Darlings Scarlet. I’m sure there are dolls I have that aren’t even on that list. I don’t even know where to begin! Let me know in the comments who you would like to see and we’ll get on those first!

Additionally, if you are interested in the Star Darlings dolls, check out my friend’s flickr account for all five dolls.

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4 thoughts on “New dolls!”

  1. I’m most excited by things EAH or MH, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d lean towards the amazing Justine Dancer. Can’t wait for your review! :)

  2. I cant get enough of the Dragon Games EAH so I’m really looking forward to your reviews on those most (although all the new EAH dolls are awesome – the book party girls look really cute) . I’ll be happy with whatever you choose to review first TBH :)

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