New Ever After High dolls!

I am so excited! New scans of the Ever After High dolls for 2014 have been released! Lizzie and the Rapunzel daughters! I’ll post pictures after the cut! These photos are property of Malik Bagci on flickr. 

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This shows the Rapunzel daughters: Poppy and Holly O’Hair as well as the Hat-tastic Maddie with playset:

Here are the new Legacy Day dolls, Maddie, Cerise, and Ashlynn!

Here are the Thronecoming dolls! I am loving the little changes that occurred from their prototypes!13887658086_73b470dd66_o

Here are the Hat-tastic dolls that I’ve already reviewed, but also the Briar playset that is supposed to accompany the Thronecoming dolls

And here are the regular assortments, first up are the Royals. LOOK! LIZZIE! And Dexter, but LIZZIE!

And here is the Rebels assortment with nothing really new:


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2 thoughts on “New Ever After High dolls!”

  1. Love the Lizzie hearts and cedar wood dolls they are adorable,I also like dexter charming look forward for them to arrive in Australia

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