New Ever After High on Amazon!

YES! So I know that Mattel has WAY scaled back their Ever After High line. The rumors are floating around that Ever After High is completely done for. They weren’t shown at Toy Fair and no one has heard much about them. I’m really just crossing my fingers and praying to anybody that will listen to me that it isn’t true. I know there are no new dolls at Wal-Mart or Target, but please no. BUT! Amazon has some listings that aren’t available yet and one that became available yesterday:

Okay. I get it. She’s really just the School Spirit outfit with accessories and furniture that we’ve seen before. But I am so starved for new EAH that I bought her. She’s cute and I just really want more EAH right now.

I know that I reviewed the Epic Winter Blondie some time ago, and that I didn’t have the nicest things to say about her. But I’ve changed my mind and bought almost every doll from the Epic Winter line last weekend. I’ve also made myself a little list of all the EAH dolls I am missing and have slowly started building it back up. I blame watching the Epic Winter movie earlier this week. I’m kinda in love again. Kinda madly in love again with their little pancake faces and soft hair. Seriously, Epic Winter Ashlynn has the softest hair ever. And even with his molded on pants, Daring is a little cutie! I take back any negative thing I ever said. I love my Ever After High and I want it back!!!

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One thought on “New Ever After High on Amazon!”

  1. Yeah, I got almost all the EW dolls on sale and I have no regrets. They’re really cute.

    Target does have a couple new DPCIs, but nothing in stock nor any clarification of what they even are.

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