Other New Dolls from Mattel’s Catalogue

I got so excited about all of the new Ever After High and Monster High dolls, that I forgot to share with you some of the other exciting things that appeared in the Mattel Catalogue shared with us by Bagcifreak on flickr.

EDIT: As of May 7, Mattel has asked that we not post photos of the Barbie 2014 Holiday doll. It appears as though many photos from the flickr account have been removed, too.

First up are the Mia and Me dolls and unicorns! Mia gets a friend, Yuko. I can’t wait to find her and review her, too!

Next up are some Frozen dolls from Mattel. Here are the ice skating sisters that we saw at Toy Fair, as well as a wardrobe and sister 2-pack:

Then comes some Disney classics with Sleeping Beauty:

And here are some new Barbies! First up is the Holiday 2014 doll. I’m not a huge fan of the holiday dolls, but it is exciting to see them each year.

Here are the Fashionista dolls for this year. I’m still dying to get my hands on that one with the red dress.

These are the Barbie Glam Luxe Wave 2 dolls.
BarbieGlam Luxe Wave 2 (without Nikki tho)

This photo reveals a “Barbie Party Glam Luxe 2-pack”
Barbie Party Glam Luxe/Glam Luxe 2-Packs

What do you think? Anything here that you are going to add to your wishlist?

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