NY Toy Fair 2014 – MLP Equestria Girls

Credit for this information and photos goes to: Atamaii Dolls on Youtube

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is getting a new movie in the fall. The theme this year is Rainbow Rocks (as we’ve seen from some dolls already)

Here are some of the newer Rainbow Rocks dolls that I haven’t seen posted elsewhere. The rep goes through several of the dolls that we’ve already seen or that are already on shelves.
MLP-EG-Rainbow Rocks-TF2014MLP-EG-Rainbow Eocks-Octavia-TF2014

Rainbow Rocks dolls with a stamper guitar and marker microphone stands. This line includes Applejack, DJ-P0N3, and Pinkie Pie.
MLP-Equestria Girls-TF1

There will be several new characters in the movie. The rep was trying to be quiet about them, but they are in the movie, too. You can also see the DJ-P0N3 car in the background here, with detachable sunglasses that act as the car’s windshield. MLP-EG-New Characters-TF2014

This is the “Mane Event” stage playset that will be releasing in the fall as well:MLP-EG-Mane Event-TF2014

And last but not least is a Toys R Us exclusive line that is coming this fall ~ The Pony Mania line.
MLP-EG-Pony Mania-TF2014

What do you think? Is Equestria Girls on your “must-have” list?

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My Re-roots ~ Ever After High dolls

I love re-rooting dolls! There are so many options when it comes to dolly hair color that I can’t help myself! Check out some of my recent reroots:

Ever After High Blondie Lockes – rehaired in Dollyhair “Forget Me Not” with highlights of “Water Nixie” and “Daiquari Ice.”
Blondie Blue Square

Ever After High – custom original character – Phoebe Nix (daughter of the phoenix) made from an EAH Cupid doll – rehaired in dollyhair Cherry Pie
Phoebe Square

Ever After High – Apple White – rehaired in Retro Dolls US “black synthetic”Black Haired Apple

I’m also available for commissions if you’ve got an idea for a custom doll! Let me know if you are interested, and we can work something out!


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