Pinkie Cooper ~ A rant

It is really not okay with me that Pinkie Cooper dolls might be going away. I can’t get anyone from Bridge Direct to comment on them, but there were prototypes or a new line in the works before this news hit. Pinkie had a swim line (named the Resort Line) and it was going to be awesome…. photos below

Pinkie Cooper Swim Line
Pepper Parsons Swim Line

And here are the “Cabana Cool” dolls
Pinkie Cooper Cabana Cool
Pinkie Cooper Cabana Cool - Ginger Jones
Pinkie Cooper Cabana Cool - Pepper Parsons

Why aren’t we getting these dolls?! I love them! Come on Bridget Direct! You put up the effort, now let us put up the money :)

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One thought on “Pinkie Cooper ~ A rant”

  1. I had a feeling the line was being phased out when the deluxe dolls started getting cheap but there were no new dolls to replace them. I like the line as a whole and the new swimwear. It would have been cute to at least see more outfits or maybe something a little different with their eyes and makeup on the newer dolls. Ideally I would love to see a plethora of hair and outfit packs with decorative hair bows and clips, maybe something for the puppies, and more two-tone hair combinations. My Pepper NEEDS half black/half white ponytails.

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