I’ve been blowing up Tumblr and Twitter with posts about Quin the 3D Printed Fashion Doll. If you haven’t checked it out lately, the Kickstarter has reached 50%, but we still need your help! Go pledge now, even if it is just $5, help support this amazing doll!

In the mean time, how about some posts about my newest Quin print. This is Pump-Quin.
Pump-Quin gets new wrists

Pump-Quin is printed in fluorescent orange filament. She glows in UV light! This photo also shows a modification that my husband made to the original Quin files that gives her articulated wrists!

Pump-Quin gets new wrists

Pump-Quin gets new wrists

This one feature changes the doll so much. She now has personality, attitude, and sass. I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like with real doll eyes!

What do you think about Pump-Quin? Do the wrists change your opinion of this doll? Have you given to the Kickstarter yet?

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