Quin – the 3D Printed Fashion Doll

If you know me in real life, you know I am a super nerd. My husband bought us a 3D printer as a couple’s gift for Valentine’s Day, so I went on a hunt to see how I could merge my super nerdiness with my love of dolls and toys. Meet Quin, the world’s first 3D printable Fashion Doll, available at 3dkitbash.com

Click below for my full (length) review of the doll and the process, or just click for the pictures :)

What you buy with Quin are the 3D files that allow you to print her out. We immediately began work on printing all her pieces out!
Printing a 3D doll - Quin

We quickly learned that printing her on the “hollow” (no infill) setting was not going to work. Many of the connector pieces or platforms fell through without internal supports to reinforce them. Here is that first doll, glued together:

Quin - the 3D printed fashion doll

The people from 3Dkitbash.com were amazing! I messaged them with questions about how they printed her (what material, what settings, etc) and they were super nice and responsive. With new information in hand, we set out to try again! I also bothered them with a million questions, like when would new parts be out (she is shown on their website with hinged knees and elbows). They said they’d be releasing more parts on their website and on  thingiverse.com (a site full of free 3D models just ready to be printed). When I checked the website later, they’d just released the knees and elbows! Talk about amazingly fast! So, Quin V2 has hinged knees and elbows now!
Quin - the 3D printed fashion doll

We’ve had a few problems with her, like the pieces that are supposed to connect all of her arm pieces are just too flimsy. We made a new system (that looks less like a chromosome and more like a barbell) to connect the arms and it is working much better. We’ll probably release those files on thingiverse if anyone is interested.

Anyways, here is what you are interested in – Quin as a doll. How does she compare?

Quin - the 3D printed fashion doll

When printed with no (size) modifications, Quin stands about 11 inches tall. Her neck has a full range of motion, capable of “yes/no” action and coy head tilts. The top of her head is removable to put hair there (one hairstyle is included, and more are on the way) but I like her bald for now. She has different options for eyes, but I’ll print those out when my other colors come in next week.

Her legs have no rotational motion, but due to the new pegs, her arms can rotate at all of the connection points. Her hips allow for front-back splits, but no side-side splits.

Quin - the 3D printed fashion doll

Her feet are much larger than the other dolls in my collection. Like me, her feet are going to be too large to wear any cute shoes. I’ll need to play with this setting.

I’m not sure what clothes she can wear. I’m thinking the answer might be Barbie, but again, like me she is very curvaceous and has had a hard time with clothing already (Poor girl almost ripped a Bratzillaz dress. She was so embarrassed, she refused to let me show you those photos)

Here are some more comparison photos of her to other dolls in my collection:

Quin - the 3D printed fashion dollQuin - the 3D printed fashion dollQuin - the 3D printed fashion doll

Overall I love this little sassy doll! She’s got such great character and customization options! The people of 3dkitbash were anxious to hear what a “true doll collector” thought of their hard work and my reaction is: It paid off! The details in her sculpting are just amazing. Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to 3D model this, much less sculpt it!

Quin - the 3D printed fashion doll

Quin is a great addition to my collection. For the price of a Monster High doll, I’ve bought something I can make and remake. I can have Quin in whatever color I want. (And I’m ordering colors now just to see what else she’ll look good in)

Look for more posts about Quin in the future, as 3dkitbash releases more stuff and I print more out, I’ll be showing her off more and more!


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7 thoughts on “Quin – the 3D Printed Fashion Doll”

  1. I love dolls with as much articulation as possible that’s why my favorites are Dollikins (all 3 sizes 5 or 6 inches, 10 1/2 inches {14 joints}, 19 inches {16 joints}), GI Joes (my brothers had those, but now I collect them), Monster High (the boys even have ankle joints), and the rest I just drool over with want; like Quin she is beautiful and I know that her program/pattern will only improve.
    What a DOLL!! Does she have a male companion; I have a thing for my dolls to be in male/female couples. Never know when you will want to dress a prom date for your girl or a male groom for your female bride etc. :-)

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