Review: thedaughterwhosews on etsy

Before I begin this mini-review, let me say that I was in no way compensated for this review. I purchased these stockings myself for my own personal use.

I purchased 6 sets of stockings from this shop on etsy, thedaughterwhosews, and they are amazing! Her prices are very reasonable (~4.70 per pair) and her shipping time was amazing. I ordered them on Tuesday, and she had them packaged and shipped on Wednesday; USPS got them here today (Saturday). Not bad :)

Click below to see images of what I ordered and my impressions:

I originally went into this order looking at stockings for a Lizzie Hearts doll. I can’t WAIT for this doll to appear, and I’d like to have some with different options for stockings. That led me to this pair:
New Stockings
My Ashlynn doll volunteered to model them, since there isn’t a Lizzie Hearts doll, yet, to wear them.

I then found the pair titled Queen of Hearts, and you knew I had to try them:
New Stockings
These will probably also go to a Lizzie doll (I swear I’m going to need 80 of these things), but Phoebe volunteered to keep them warm until then.

I then started wandering around her shop and found several more stockings that I needed:
New Stockings
New Stockings
New Stockings

These were all in the “Monster High size” section, but I’ve ordered from this shop before and had already tried the MH-size on my EAH dolls. While you can tell they weren’t made to go on the EAH dolls, the stockings fit and work well; so I didn’t have any hesitation ordering from this size. These are all MH-sized that I ordered, and you can’t really tell the difference, can you??

The last pair I wanted wasn’t listed in MH or EAH size. It was a pair of hot pink stockings with gold stars. JUST RIGHT for all the pink my Blondie doll has been wearing. So I messaged the seller and asked if it was possible to get them in EAH-size. She messaged me back (quickly) and said that was no problem! And here they are:
New Stockings
Perfectly sized for EAH!

Overall I had the best experience with thedaughterwhosews! The workmanship on the stockings is perfection! The seams are amazing! The stitching isn’t visible, all of the ends are finished, and this just looks like a very professional job! All of the fabric is soft and perfectly suited to stretchy stockings. I’m just in love! I can’t wait for her to post more amazing creations so I can keep putting my girls in stocking feet!

New Stockings
“These get a Princess Blondie seal of “JUST RIGHT!”

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